Sharing request results

I have sent out so many templates.  Some people have been back again and again to ask for new names, words, symbols, etc.  I ALWAYS ask them to share.  Sometimes they do!  I’m going to share a few today. Sorry if you shared via email and it didn’t appear here.  I am 100% sure I got at least one more but I cannot seem to find it in my inbox.

I did a template for Tanya that was the word ALWAYS and the symbol for The Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter fans will know!)


Turned out completely fabulous and her trick for sewing thru the pages to hold the book stable was a great idea:



Using the same Harry Potter font, Luann did a folded Abbey as a gift


Next is one I just got from Naomi.  Clever girl!  She took the lines sheet I added, so people could print their own templates, and created a bat symbol!

She did the cut&fold technique and it turned out perfectly.

The info on using the lined sheet can be found here.  And because longer words need room to stretch (which increases the number of black lines per letter, and means there is no need to fold the white lines as well) I am adding a US Legal size version.  US legal is 8.5 x 14 inches and should be an option in your printer menu.  DO NOT use the .jpg image below – that is just to show you what it looks like!


Don’t have US legal paper?  No worries.  It is simple enough to cut a bit off a second sheet of US letter or A4 paper and stick it to the first to make a 14 inch long sheet and print on that!


I also did make a three-line folded book, using info from the video I last added, but it is still a bit dark here and I have been too busy to take a photo of it.  And the excess pages left at the sides look a bit crap cause I was experimenting with different ideas for folding  spacers.  I will share it, but not today.

Thank you SO much to those who did share their work.