Book folding – multi-line patterns!


SO excited to find this.

I replied to someone wanting a multi-line template saying that the only way I could think to do it was to cut the book into sections and this is just how she does it.  I like how the templates are laid out, in three lines, one letter per page (upper and lower case) and might consider doing that myself if I were to add more full alphabets.  She also adds the count of each letter but unless I were charging for templates I can’t see me doing THAT {wink}

I have sent DS off to the local charity shops and said Buy me the fattest hardback books you can find, don’t care what the titles are! so I can test this out! And I also found an alternative way to do the cut&fold that is a bit like the one in the previous post, although the way the cut section gets folded back is a little different.  If book folding interests you I would def. search for it on YouTube.  I found a lot of new things (well, new to ME, not newly added) when I searched that on a whim, having exhausted yarn dyeing with cake colours videos while doing my morning treadmill walking LOL!

6 thoughts on “Book folding – multi-line patterns!

  1. Hi Maryanne, I hope you are well love what you do as always and thank you for helping me in the past, I have had a special request from a friend who’s nephew passed away ( he actually wrote a book, paperback ) and the family asked if I could somehow create a heart with angel wings to do in his book (wings in the up position) , if you cant its ok I totally understand. I am trying to figure out how to support this book (being paperback but i’m creative i’ll figure it out. Also thanks for the Calendars.

  2. This was exactly what I was looking for too! Then I found your Harry Potter font… GAME CHANGER! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing these!!!!

  3. Have you done a “Class of” template that could be used for class reunions? I’m currently working on my 40th high school reunion, and decided that books (thinking textbooks) would be a great decoration medium. When I discovered your book folding, I was enthralled!!! I’m taking a couple of books on vacation with me tomorrow to give it a shot!! I’m going to do one book with a 7 and one with a 6, and if I they turn out well enough, I’d love to do one with Class of and put it in front of them!!

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