Cut and Fold, my way


I wanted to try making the cut&fold versions a little nicer, because the edges of the pages could get a bit ragged over time, I think.  It occurred to me that folding the folded-edge pages deeper, then folding the pages to be cut just a bit, would possibly work to make it all a bit more substantial.  Also, the extra thickness would make even a few lines look fat:


I think it DOES work.  I folded the alternating folded edge pages to about 1 1/2 inches, then folded the pages to be cut to just overlap the edge. The design was my daughter’s name (at her request!) and it used about 110 lines,


You can see the cut edges look more solid.


And look how distinct the flourish is!  I’m adding that template as well, download it here.  I thought about doing the same flourish at the bottom, flipped vertically, but decided to go another way!


Wish I had taken a photo of the process, but basically I took a strip as long as it needed to be, and scored and folded an inch either side.  I stuck the photos to it with very thick pop-dots so the really stood out.  Slipping the scored and folded tabs in between the pages, I stuck them to the pages.  That makes it all stand out from the surface quite nicely.  These are photos of DD with her helper at her disability skating group Spice (Special People on Ice) – Spice is one of the things she loves best in life.

I did use another Basic Grey line, (Dawson, I think) but one that is the boyish companion to the girly version (Sophie?) but the colours worked perfectly with the outfits.

Another project that manages to mix scrapbooking with book folding!  I like it.  The cut&fold method seems to lend itself to adding photos to the face of the book, unlike the proper folded versions.

I may have to figure out one to make for DS, so I can properly photograph it and do a tutorial.  I am well out of practice LOL! Will be on the lookout for used book shops this weekend…

18 thoughts on “Cut and Fold, my way

  1. Sorry I don’t watch Hochanda, and still can’t picture what you are looking for. I really need to see an image and then I expect it will all become crystal clear:)

    • on the peerless designs website the person has designs for the monogram letter or monogram shape with the word through the middle. I hope this helps. Thank you

      • It would help more if you would include a link to the exact image. Sorry, but it is all I can do to keep up with the requests for templates. I had a quick look, but I just don’t have the time to click all over that website to find what you want. It is maddeningly organized. If you KNOW what you want. add a link to the image in your comment, or email it to me.

        • Hello, would you be able to make a miniature alphabet and numbers or can we use the current ones you have and reduced the size when printing out.Thank you.

          • Reducing the size won’t work because the proportions would be wrong, and a miniature alphabet would have too few lines to be effective. The way I do the templates is not as flexible as the measure and mark method.

  2. Hello large capital letter split in the middle – small alphabet to mark a word through the middle as shown on Hochanda craft channel by peerless designs in September. thank you

  3. Hello! I’m an 17 yo boy obsessed with crafting, DIY and any kind of art that exists. And i spent my last month being obsessed with this book folding art. I made some models using some of your templates and even sell a few of them. Im really exited and I want to thank you for those templates. I would like to show you how my books came out but I dont know how. Anyway… I have one question… How are made the “cut and fold” models that are cut in more than 1 layer. There is an image of a “cut and fold” heart and in the middle of it are 2 footprits in another layer. The heart is cut in and the footprints are sticking out… The idea is that i know how to cut and fold but i dont know how to make multiples layers.

    • I’ve not done that sort before, but if I had to guess I would say you need to mark all the lines and fold in the parts you want to go in but not fold the bits you want to stick out. Does that make sense? My email is s in the About me s crion at the top. You can email me photos :). I’d love to see them.

  4. HI not sure if my post went through , but i was wondering if you are able to do It’s a girl on 3 lines for me, i have got the lettering but it is working out the folds that i am stuck on, I have only made a bird cage and was aiming on doing the girl for my niece ready for her baby shower, thank you

  5. Hi. Thanks for you posts. They are very helpful and tend to uncomplicate the process.Would you be able to send me the words welcome and also sisters. I would like to try both words either as the folding option and the cutting method to see which works better.

  6. Can u give me instructions on cut & fold For book folding. Also do u have any patterns for this. Thank you


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  7. I just love how you are making it clearer and better each time. Yes, it worked wonderfully! Can’t wait to try my own. Your tutorials make it easy to follow and quicker than I imagined it would be. Thanks so much!

  8. Such a great job and a really wonderful result! Greetings /groetjes, Trix Oskam  (the Netherlands)

    Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet.

  9. That is so awesome looking. I am not there yet. But, I would like to be! Looks hard

  10. Great project. While I am not “into” book page folding, it is interesting to see what you can do with a simple book and some patience. You are so kind to share so much.

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