Book folding, Basic Grey and a fun project


I mentioned before that I thought the cut&fold heart could for the basis for a fun scrapbooking project.  And so it did.

I did the cut&fold, then removed the pages from the spine.  I covered the spine and the covers


then re-stuck the pages to the inside.




and I punched holes at the top and at the bottom of the covers to run a chain, before sticking the final bit


Now, I wanted the heart to be wider, and the book more open.  It took me a while to sort out how best to do that – turned out it was easy.  I cut a handful (ok so maybe 2 or 3 handfuls!) of strips of black cardstock, and slipped them in between the pages (at every edge-folded page, not EVERY page) and that opened up the heart and kept the book fat and open enough that the chain stayed in place and didn’t slip down because the book COULDN’T close, even a smidge. I printed a photo and stuck that inside the inverted heart fold.


This is not a great picture but it is a more accurate depiction of the placement than the later one.

In the end, it looks like this – can you recognize Basic Grey Obscure? And can you see how skewed it looks cause of the angle of the photo?


I am so sad to see BG is over.  I so love it.  I have a box that has scraps of loads of early collections, hoarded. I thought I would add a couple of projects – still one of my favourite mini-books, also of my son and daughter:

m&jcenter copy

That is a board book.  From the front you read in to the middle, then flip it over and read to the middle out.  How they’ve changed!

And one of my fave minis:


Also Obscure.

I would love a quilt made from this collection.  Maybe they will convert to a fabric company instead…..


9 thoughts on “Book folding, Basic Grey and a fun project

  1. Maryanne, you remain a bonafide artistic crafting genius! Well frigging done on the heart fold book and those layouts and albums. Now, be sure to sit down before I tell you this. Ready? Okay. {drumroll please} The REASON Basic Grey is pulling out of paper is to concentrate solely on their FABRIC line. Does BG fabric not make it across the Atlantic? The American quilters here are having orgasms left and right at this news; the scrapbookers are in mourning. So, see? Win-win for you! (If you can get their fabric over there, that is.) Forget Trump, tell your House of Commons to ban BG, LOLOLOL – they’ll be over there the next day! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes. Love ya! xoxo, Aimeslee

    • To be honest I never really looked for BG fabric, but it does not surprise me in the slightest that they make it and are focusing on it. Lovely, and if I am ever tempted by quilting (and it seems to come in 5 year cycles so in 2 or 3 more years I bet I am :)) I’ll totally be on the look out for BG fabric.

      cheers back atcha!


  2. Loving the cut out heart in the book, a labour of love! Also loving the minibook, sad to see Basic Grey go as well – sigh!

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. I love the cut and fold heart. I would love to make this …do you know where I can get the pattern? I so appreciate all the ideas you come up with… i would Love to make this for my daughter that just got married. Blessings, Linda

    On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 8:22 AM, scrappystickyinkymess wrote:

    > ukmaryanne posted: “I mentioned before that I thought the cut&fold heart > could for the basis for a fun scrapbooking project. And so it did. I did > the cut&fold, then removed the pages from the spine. I covered the spine > and the covers then re-stuck the pag” >

  4. I love love love the folded heart with the photo. Such a cool idea.

  5. CC



  6. I’m sure with you on the end of BG. I have so many older collections put away hating to use them up – so now I will have to really find special projects for their use. The collections are all the old ones in the style I so loved and I haven’t bought any in a long while, so I can only blame myself and others that really loved that old style. Oh well. Fabric? Yes that would be wonderful.

  7. Basic Grey do have fabric collections!

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