Calendar woes.

A commenter found that the September month for some reason (probably my fault) retained the 2015 date arrangement.  It doesn’t happen often but it aways chills me to the bone when I find I’ve made an error with the dates.  I always try to be super careful in checking again and again but occasionally I miss something.  I am so grateful when someone else notices and lets me know so I can correct it.

Here is the corrected PDF

The worst of it is that the new printer driver doesn’t allow me to say PRINT, then create a PDF of the 1/2 and 1/4 size calendars with a click. It will only do the 1/2 size by duplicating the image on the page, rather than doing two pages on a sheet.  So while I can produce the 1/2 and 1/4 size PDF, they will have either 2 or 4 of the months and be 2 or 4 times as many pages.


This is a very annoying lost-function!  So I put it to you- would you accept having to print 2 or 4 calendars in order to get the smaller size?  Do most people print multiples of the smaller sizes for gifts, etc?

Here is the half-size PDF so you can see what I mean. Seems when I added the corrected September/October months I got them upside down.   doh!


So tell me what you think, and I’ll keep it in mind when considering making1/2 and 1/4 size versions in the future.


Harry Potter book folding alphabets

Another request that I suspect might appeal.  These two full alphabets will be great for any HP fan.

Hocus Pocus:


Download Upper Case and numbers

Download Lower Case and ! ? & and a lightning bolt

And Lumos:


Download Upper Case and numbers

Download Lower Case and ! ? & and numbers

I think I would say these are challenging at best, some letters more so that others.  All those thin serifs, and wonkiness, resulting in many alternating folds.  I think doing a very long name might be tricky and counting carefully is critical.  But if you fancy a challenge, this might just be it!


Now, about 2017… {wink} Anyone who is doing calendars and wants multiple years, this would be a good time to comment and say so.  I really need to look at the ones I have done and sort out the top Calendar Making menu so people can see them all at a glance.  I have over 1400 files within my All Calendars folder – it may take some time, as life keeps throwing out curve balls.  I have a lot on my plate and I want to make my blogging time as productive and useful as I can!


Still with the NEW theme book folding

Another thank you for Em!  I made a couple of templates for a New Home gift she requested, and again, they are well worth sharing.  I will always share those things that I think are of more universal appeal! I’ve had some super-specific, unlikely to be needed by many templates requested, and lots and lots of names, that I don’t share, but things like this, I know will appeal.

She wanted HOME with a heart replacing the O.  I did a version then stretched it a bit, so it was TALLER but not longer (taller doesn’t mean more pages and I felt it might need quite a hefty book to begin with!) and they look like this:

Home2 HoME

I like them both (in one PDF here).  I like the boxy, upright font because it minimizes the number of double/alternating folds required.  I thought I might have time to add in a scripty version, but I haven’t yet.

I did do something that I always tell people I won’t do – I counted out the lines, using the method here, just to see how many it might be.  I came up with 346 pages (or 173 leaves if you prefer) adding five folded-back pages for a space between the letters. But as usual I would advise against taking my word for it.  Count them for yourself to be sure.  The Management Accepts No Responsibility  if you take my word for it and it’s wrong.  You have been warned!


I did get a request for two full alphabets, on a Harry Potter theme, but that will take a bit of time to do.  I will be sure to share them when I’m finished, because  that does definitely sound like something worth sharing!


Happy New Year and 2015 blogging review



It’s been a challenging year for me, with more challenges to come.  Top of my New Year’s resolutions has to be getting back on track with WOYWW. It’s just been so crazy I’ve not been able to ensure time to visit others, so I’ve opted out.  Not happy with that, and as DS is moving home temporarily, and DD entering her final bit of College and planning for her next step, and potentially a few more big changes afoot, not to mention health challenges for OUR parents, the struggle will continue. It’s up to me to figure out how to squeeze it in!

I thought I would share the report WordPress sends each year.


The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 350,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 15 days for that many people to see it.

LAST year I had 270,000 visits. It’s calendars and book folding, I’m sure.

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!