Quote calendar – other sizes


Sometimes, it’s just a mystery. A commenter pointed out that in the previous post, the upload was missing the May Friday strip.  Huh.  So it was:


but the really weird thing is it was in the original working file!


and when I re-exported the PDF, it was there too. So that has been sorted, and is surely something I will be on the lookout for. As I had another comment via email, also asking for the half-size (two pairs  to a page)


to go with the full CD calendar size and the 1/4 size from yesterday (4 pairs to a page) I figured I might as well add that too.


I’ll go ahead and add all of them to this post, so no matter which one you land on you will find them all.

Full CD size PDF – makes one calendar

1/2 size – makes two calendars

1/4 size – makes four calendars

Did I mention how much I hate upgrading computers?  Why oh why will the software designers insist on losing functionality that was relied upon? And while the new version of Intaglio fixes a few issues from the past version (like I can finally align things to the top) it seems very glitchy. It crashes a lot and I can no longer mock-bold a font, and this missing strip thing.  I have had stuff disappear before, but I could make a case for it being my fault.  That I can live with – I’m a ditz, I make mistakes.  But NOT ME?  DOH!

2 thoughts on “Quote calendar – other sizes

  1. Awesome! Thanks for putting these out there for all to use. Can I push my luck & ask if you’ll be doing them for 2017?

    • LOL! You win! I wondered to myself who and when would I get a 2017 request. 🙂 I probably will, I usually do try to update the most popular ones so those who like to do 18 month or 2 year calendars (or even 12 month ones that begin mid-one year and finish mid-next year) can use the same style throughout. Not sure when but probably fairly soon.



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