Book folding – why I won’t count them out.

I get a lot of book folding requests.  I have 100s of PDFs in the folder (that I seriously need to delete cause I have only ever had the same name requested maybe once – I think it was Emma) and for many of them people ask What size book do I need? My standard answer is that I refuse to tell you what size book you need – YOU have to count it out so if there is any mistake, it isn’t ME responsible for ruining your project.  That seems fair – if I were charging people to do templates I would feel like I’d have to count it out for them, and that just isn’t for me.  BUT I had a really cool request, from Tanya, for the word ALWAYS and the symbol for the Deathly Hallows.  I used the HP font and ended up with this:


I played around with a few things (capital A, size of the symbol, position of the symbol) and came up with four slightly different versions.  They are all in a PDF here. But the point is, I was curious myself what the page count might be – she planned to use the HP and The Deathly Hallows book for the project and said it was 750 pages.  I knew the symbol would have many multi-fold areas (as would the letters for that matter!) so I decided to count it out myself, just out of curiosity. The first one looked like this:


All well and good.  But then I noticed I had missed out the bottom serif of the A. DOH!  That took the count up by 7 – not a lot it might seem, but that makes a difference in 14 numbered pages/7 leaves.  As I had used the count to quickly tot up a couple of the variations, I had to then adjust:


See?  THAT is exactly why I refuse to tell you how many pages you need in your book!  And why the COUNT TWICE warning is a valid one.  Also, I sometimes omit what seems to be a line.  Like at the bottom of the symbol, where the circle and the inside of the triangle meet?  The closest line to the meeting point will likely look the same as a single, rather than interrupted, line.  Why waste a page (or 4 if you omit every intersection, for a page numbering count of 8!) if it makes a difference in being able to use a book or not?  MY calculations would SEEM to indicate that a book with a page count over 700 will work.  But there are a lot of interruptions.  I just have no idea what the final book will end up like!  I do think that the symbol on its own, using both the black lines AND the white spaces between, for a really nice fat image, could be a much easier way to go.  And that could take up 600 – 700 pages, the slightly smaller (by my count 150 black lines image) or the slightly larger (by my count 174 black line image) version.

I am glad I can finally SHOW why I won’t give you a page count.  I am far too ditzy, I let my attention wander, my eyes ain’t great,and I omit lines if I think they won’t make a difference.  So really, I am doing you a service.  Really.


So get counting!