Calendar woes.


A commenter found that the September month for some reason (probably my fault) retained the 2015 date arrangement.  It doesn’t happen often but it aways chills me to the bone when I find I’ve made an error with the dates.  I always try to be super careful in checking again and again but occasionally I miss something.  I am so grateful when someone else notices and lets me know so I can correct it.

Here is the corrected PDF

The worst of it is that the new printer driver doesn’t allow me to say PRINT, then create a PDF of the 1/2 and 1/4 size calendars with a click. It will only do the 1/2 size by duplicating the image on the page, rather than doing two pages on a sheet.  So while I can produce the 1/2 and 1/4 size PDF, they will have either 2 or 4 of the months and be 2 or 4 times as many pages.


This is a very annoying lost-function!  So I put it to you- would you accept having to print 2 or 4 calendars in order to get the smaller size?  Do most people print multiples of the smaller sizes for gifts, etc?

Here is the half-size PDF so you can see what I mean. Seems when I added the corrected September/October months I got them upside down.   doh!


So tell me what you think, and I’ll keep it in mind when considering making1/2 and 1/4 size versions in the future.

4 thoughts on “Calendar woes.

  1. I don’t use paper calenders anymore but I do appreciate the effort. As for printing: I don’t like to waste paper so I would prefer the most economic option.
    Having been away from blogland I seem to return at just the right momen. You see, I work in ICT and I might be able to help you out with making a pdf in the right size, that should be possible with almost any software.
    I’d need to know a few things: which program do you make the calendars in? What kind of printmenu do you get? Which pdf creator do you use? An image of the printmenu would help a lot also, although I do think it should be able to say in the original progam that you want the paper size a custom size. If you’d like some assistance with this printing, please send me an e-mail, that’s better then via reactions here 🙂 Ofcourse once the troubleshooting is done and there is a solution posting it here is good, so others who have the same problem can find it as well.

    Daqa / Debbie.

    • Nice of you to offer, but I already know my issues are probably not something you can help with 🙂 I use a little known, Mac only program called Intaglio, I can resize things in that format then make a PDF, it just takes more time and effort. The PDF creator is one of the SAVE options, along with SVG, EPS, AI, JPG, etc etc. The real issue is with the changes made to Preview in the new Mac OS. I was way behind and under Snow Leopard you could specify printing multiple pages on a single page. Under the new OS you can only print multiple COPIES of the same page on a page. There is no option to do anything else. We might go back and see if the OLD print driver still works under the new OS (unlikely but worth a go) or if there is some other hack or workaround. we’ll see….

      Thanks anyway!


      • Ohhhh a Mac …. If I’d have known that, I wouldn’t have said anything, haha! (My knowledge about Macs is limited). But maybe there is a way with another program?
        There probably is a way to do it as it’s strange if such a possibility would stop to exist. I bet it is used more often, how would people who print little booklets or home made folders have to print it then?
        Good luck with finding the solution!


  2. I just used your calendar for 2016 for a claendar stamping class in January. I printed out 20 copies of the calendars, because I wasn’t sure who would be coming, and I wanted to have plenty of calendars on hand. I hope you find this helpful! Thank you so much for this update, I will forward it to everybody who just made a calendar and let them check or correct the calendars they made.

    Rubber hugs!!

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