Harry Potter book folding alphabets


Another request that I suspect might appeal.  These two full alphabets will be great for any HP fan.

Hocus Pocus:


Download Upper Case and numbers

Download Lower Case and ! ? & and a lightning bolt

And Lumos:


Download Upper Case and numbers

Download Lower Case and ! ? & and numbers

I think I would say these are challenging at best, some letters more so that others.  All those thin serifs, and wonkiness, resulting in many alternating folds.  I think doing a very long name might be tricky and counting carefully is critical.  But if you fancy a challenge, this might just be it!


Now, about 2017… {wink} Anyone who is doing calendars and wants multiple years, this would be a good time to comment and say so.  I really need to look at the ones I have done and sort out the top Calendar Making menu so people can see them all at a glance.  I have over 1400 files within my All Calendars folder – it may take some time, as life keeps throwing out curve balls.  I have a lot on my plate and I want to make my blogging time as productive and useful as I can!

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter book folding alphabets

  1. Hi I have downloaded the Harry Potter letter P how do I get the pattern?


  2. When the file opens, it’s all blank. When I print, I get 3 pages of blank. I”m desperately trying to find this patter. Sure hope I can get it. Thank you so much!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!


    • Sorry about the anxious comment…. I figured it out. I just had to download it to my PC and then save it before it would show up. I’ve got this now.


  3. The patterns are so beautiful… but I can’t open them, every time there’s just a white paper… 😥


    • You may need to update your PDF reader? If I get a load of people saying there is a problem, I assume it’s me. Just one problem and I have to conclude it is the other end. Maybe try asking a friend to open it on their computer and see what happens. LMK!


  4. Wow im so glad o found yoir oage.. it has been a massive help to me.. but Can I be a pain.. and ask a question is it possible to get the alphabet and lines in a word format? I can’t use adobe on my computer and can’t for some reason convert them..


    • Not sure what you mean by a word format. There is no need to convert anything, just print them! HTH


      • The computer I use, uses adobe reader to read your files but for some reason won’t let me print them and someone suggested trying to covert it to a Microsoft Word pdf. . ( I thought they were all the same) but I have managed to sort it now and have them printed. Thank you.


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