Still with the NEW theme book folding


Another thank you for Em!  I made a couple of templates for a New Home gift she requested, and again, they are well worth sharing.  I will always share those things that I think are of more universal appeal! I’ve had some super-specific, unlikely to be needed by many templates requested, and lots and lots of names, that I don’t share, but things like this, I know will appeal.

She wanted HOME with a heart replacing the O.  I did a version then stretched it a bit, so it was TALLER but not longer (taller doesn’t mean more pages and I felt it might need quite a hefty book to begin with!) and they look like this:

Home2 HoME

I like them both (in one PDF here).  I like the boxy, upright font because it minimizes the number of double/alternating folds required.  I thought I might have time to add in a scripty version, but I haven’t yet.

I did do something that I always tell people I won’t do – I counted out the lines, using the method here, just to see how many it might be.  I came up with 346 pages (or 173 leaves if you prefer) adding five folded-back pages for a space between the letters. But as usual I would advise against taking my word for it.  Count them for yourself to be sure.  The Management Accepts No Responsibility  if you take my word for it and it’s wrong.  You have been warned!


I did get a request for two full alphabets, on a Harry Potter theme, but that will take a bit of time to do.  I will be sure to share them when I’m finished, because  that does definitely sound like something worth sharing!

13 thoughts on “Still with the NEW theme book folding

  1. Hello, do you have a book folding pattern for 2 paw prints? Maybe one big one and a smaller one to represent a dog and a cat? I am a beginner and want to do it for my parents for Christmas.
    And thank you for all you do!


    • I don’t have one like that, although I do have a single paw print. I *think* a dog paw and a cat paw are different. Let me see what I can find and I’ll send you a template…

      • Hi! I’m not really sure if you still reply to things but I really love bookfolding and really want one of my name to put in my room. So, is there any chance that you can make me a design that says Luca. Please tell me if you need any further information

  2. Hello,

    It seems you are good at this! Would you be able to do TEACHER OR BEST TEACHER pattern? Would love to make one for my daughters teacher at school. Many thanks!

  3. I also came across a viola & music notes pictures (on Pinterest)…patterns for these would be awesome!!! I have lots of musical friends : ) Thank you thank you! and

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  5. Hello again! So, I have run into this problem a couple times when folding letters and wondered if there is a good solution. When two vertical letters like “i” and “l” are next to each other, I have been folding space pages 5-8 in between to separate the letters. Is there a specific fold pattern to use in these cases? it seems like they are always a little hard to read when finished, even with the spaces between.

    • This question comes up a lot so I have been thinking about it a lot 🙂

      There are a couple of things that I have not tried but that I think might work:

      1. When you fold back the pages, fold them in such a way as to leave a point just behind the front edges. The down side is you might see the point, but I think that is preferable to having a bunch of straight lines together.

      2. Sort of the opposite of this, fold the pages back so the fold is quite thick (so maybe fold to a point, then fold back and tuck the point into the spine. That would maybe force the front edge pages apart. I think the thickest part might need to be in the middle, not too close to the spine, not too close to the front edge.

      3. I have some quite thick foam dots from my scrapbooking. I have often wondered if sticking one of them between one straight line fold and another, far enough back that they are hidden, might work well as a separator.

      4. Likewise, accordion folding a thick sheet of card and tucking that between the pages could also work.

      I will stress again that I have not tried these things but in my head they make sense. Give any or all of them a go and LMK. I will see if I can find a previously folded book that I can demo on and maybe do a post if I feel up to it. But don’t hold your breath 😀

      • Thanks for the ideas…I ended up doing a random, kinda weird, thicker fold in between, back just far enough that you don’t really see it from the front and it looks pretty good. Thank you again!

        • I have done this as well! Folded to a point then a small fold (just out of sight) back on itself to thicken the fold. works beautifully!

  6. Hi. I have just found your blog. Thank you for sharing your information with us. You are very inspirational and I can’t wait to have a try. I was wondering if you would have anything such as cat paw prints maybe with a heart, or even the word cat with a heart somewhere.

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