Last one – Lots of LOVE templates

UPDATED:  These are now stretched to produce a thicker folded word.

Just to complete my “set” of word templates, generic ones that will be useful for many occasions as gifts, here is a set of LOVE templates. As requested by Rose …



The PDF is here.

Just to go back to a question I have had a few times in comments, how to keep the folded book closed, I thought I would show you the one I did manage to do, for the word JOY.


As you can see, it is tied with a ribbon, as I have suggested before, but the ribbon is tied thru a pair of eyelets, set into the front and back cover.  A Crop-a-dile does the job nicely, although depending on the thickness of the cover and the length of the barrel of the eyelet, you do have to really SQUEEZE to make sure the eyelet is well set and not going to just pull loose.  I was lucky to find a £1 book, where the end papers were a lovely shade of forest green.


Setting the eyelets will allow you to really keep the book at the optimum state of openness, to show off the word you have folded.  A ribbon simply tied around the book doesn’t always stay put! As I think I may have said, you could also add some dangling beads or charms, either to the bow or to the eyelet holes.  I’d love to see any other ideas you might have come up with too!

This book was numbered about 340 pages.  I really need to be looking for 4-600 page books, but I just never seem to come across them in cheap charity shops.