JOYful gifts! Book folding templates

Serendipity is a wonderful thing.  I had been working on some book folding templates that would be quick (relatively speaking) to make as gifts.  The serendipity comes in when I saw a request for a JOY template from a reader.  She asked for blocky and plain, but I had a few made so I sent them all.  Seems better to have choices.

I compiled the ones I have into a single PDF. Grab it here.   just print the page you need.


I have a very busy day, but I hope I can take the time to grab a book at the charity shop and maybe give one a go myself! If so, I’ll be sure to share.  I think one of these could be accomplished in a few hours.  A book that is at least 8 inches tall would be prefect, and as to page count, I haven’t worked it out myself yet!  All the Os and Ys will be double-folds for sure, but no 4 or 5-fold areas that I can identify from a quick look.  The 2nd one maybe has a triple fold, but I think that is the worst of it.

Let me know how you get on…and photos are ALWAYS welcome!