One more 2016 Calendar for you


I bought another set of handwritten fonts that I love, and a total bargain at £7 for 20+ of them.  OK, so not ALL of them are winners, but more than 50% are.  I needed an excuse to play with them.  This is the result:


I also made the sheet with blank space instead of a calendar month.  I thought it would be useful for journaling. You can grab the 4 page PDF  here. I called it Last2016, but I may still make more, if the mood strikes me.

This is also a chance for you to comment to say which of my past calendars you would want to see for 2017! I’ve made…well, I haven’t counted but I am guessing is at least 20 unique designs.  I may have to do a post with samples of them all, and do a poll LOL! But I still have one more super-easy, very cute Big Knit hat design to share.  I am SO CLOSE to being done with my 100.  I also have to knit a couple more Baby beanies Santa hats for that charity, then a trip to the post office and I am DONE.

Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American readers.  We have acquired some fresh turkey parts at the grocery store and will be creating another Franken-bird.  Finding a fresh turkey in the store is near impossible before the big Christmas pre-order date.  As it is just us three this year, a bit pointless to order a £45 massive bird, even if we could have gotten it in time, which is a big IF.  I suppose it saves me from having to cook TWO big birds this year…..

11 thoughts on “One more 2016 Calendar for you

  1. Hi There

    Absolutely love your site.

    Could I please request this calender for 2017.

    I adore it.

    Thanking you in advance

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  3. all your calenders are great. Are there also some that goes from monday till sunday. Thats the weeks I do in my PL. But thanks for all your marvelous downloadables

  4. Hi MaryAnne – an apology for being so negligent – out of town for a month to visit daughter in NC and now down with a nasty cold but must tell you, before year’s end, how amazingly generous you are with your designs and information shared. I look forward to your emails and they always brighten my day and inspire me to be creative. In celebrating our Thanksgiving – I add your name to my list to say Thank you.

    • Why thank you very much! So kind of you to say. Sorry you have been unwell. MY Sister also lives in NC! Wish I could have been there too…



  5. I’m so glad to have found your blog! I used to make my friend a small calendar for Christmas every year, but I haven’t been able to find a small template for one in several years until I found you through Pinterest! She’s going to be thrilled to get a calendar this year – and I owe it all to you!! Your calendars are perfect and I love them! Thank you SO SO much!!

    • I’d love to see the one you make when you finish. Maybe you can send me a photo or link to your blog? I’m always curious to see how people use my stuff 🙂

      Glad I could help.


  6. Love this one Mary Anne, perhaps you’ve saved the best till last??? Thanks for sharing. I also LOVE the black and white floral posted fairly recently … But… They are all so unique and gorgeous it a very hard decision 😊

    • Who says you have to have just one? 🙂 But glad you like them! Thanks for saying so.


      • Hahaha True that, making some for gifts this year so I can indulge a little in all my favorites 😊 Thanks so much for creating and sharing so very generously Mary Anne.

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