WOYWW337 – hats galore!


What’s on my W this W is still hats.  I am over half way to my goal of 100. Such a colourful array!


And the hats!


I also created another new pattern – well, not created so much as worked out the details of a simple texture stitch.  But it’s so cute!


And I love the floppy pom pom even more than the tiny fork ones. Another colour…


Even floppier LOL! easy too, but the explanation will have to wait.  Busy day today.

HAPPY WOYWW! and I’ll be popping round to yours later……

20 thoughts on “WOYWW337 – hats galore!

  1. Oh, your hats are so, so great! I especially like the silly ones with the eyes. And yes, the floppy pom poms are fabulous too! Best of luck with your goal.
    Hope #46

  2. hi there sorry I’m late – day didn’t work out as planned. Love the hats. Thanks for popping by. Anne x 10

  3. Such cute hats ! Hope you raise lots of funds with the charity knitting! Thanks for visiting Ali #4

  4. HeHe love all your fantastic mini hats. What a happy sight. Thanks for visiting earlier
    Hugs Lisax 16

  5. Gorgeous, love them x Angela 26

  6. Beautiful hats! They are so tiny though – doll hats? Newborn hats? I have confidence that you will reach your goal of 100! Lindart #42

  7. What a bright and cheerful array of yarn on your desk today, Mary Anne, and your little pompom hats are gorgeous. I particularly like the ones with googly eyes 🙂 Have a good week. Elizabeth x #32

  8. I love your little hats! They are so colorful! What are you going to use them for?

    Greetings, Sofie #17

  9. Hi Mary Anne, fab pic of all your yarns- lovely and bright on this very dull morning. Adore all those little hats, and how different they all are. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xxx

  10. What a lot of fun on your desk! I have no idea why you are making these little hats – will have to check the back posts. But they look great. Is that little blue one supposed to look like an octopus? It’s adorable!! Hope you are keeping well, hugs and happy weds, Cindy xx #30

  11. Im not sure why you aren’t bored rigid yet, but then you are far more tenacious than them all, the Google eye ones are great fun..I like the new stitch you’ve worked out, and so little! I like the floppy Pom Pom too, like character hair. Hope your visitor is enjoying!

  12. Your little hats are gorgeous….just what we needed to put a smile on our faces today. Can I ask what they are for please?
    Annie x # 6

    • They are for The Big Knit – the hats that adorn the Innocent Smoothie bottles and are sold for Age Concern. Look for them in the stores in February 🙂


  13. 100 hundred hats is very ambitious but looks like you are well on your way! Happy WOYWW! Glenda #28

  14. wow that is ambitious, 100. Vicky

  15. I love that photo of the yarns!! So bright and cheery and just what was needed on a dreary morning 🙂 well done for knitting all those fab little hats!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  16. Those hjats are just so darned bright and cheery Mary Anne!Love them!

  17. Wow look at all those hats they look amazing congrats on being half way done too hugs Nikki 5

  18. oh, Mary Anne, so sweet!! love the googly eyes too! Helen #1

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