Double-talk PL printables

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Every month, I make a set of printables to accompany the challenge over on UKScrappers.  I’ve been adding them here too, because I’m sure there are people who will find them useful, even outside the challenge.  But this month I have really struggled.  I’ll add them first then stuff that you can skip, if you only want the download. Cause I’m nice that way….

One of the challenge elements this month is DOUBLES. Only two of these really qualify.  But I went thru a few days of playing with the design, looking at double talk, double speak, double vision, double trouble, double occupancy.. etc etc. I just could not settle on a design I liked.  And I liked the simplicity of this one.


You can grab it here. They can be used for friends, for partners, for married couples, for twins, etc etc.  Some work for filler cars, all of them work for journaling.


My Mac has been struggling for at least a year.  I am so far back in terms of upgrades on the OS it’s criminal. DH is appalled.  Replacing it has been on out TO DO list for a while, but I kept backing off, worried that I would lose my old programs, struggle to do the things I need to, and spend too much time learning a whole new way of doing things.  When my graphics card went last week, we whipped one out of an otherwise unused Mac and swapped.  It works, but the full swap has to happen.  Over the weekend DH replaced my huge Mac with a tiny mini – more powerful, faster, etc etc, but smaller. I played around with the up-to-date OS and I like it.  But there are issues, some good (loving the new version of Intaglio – so many improvements!) and bad (like I can’t see my Cricut, or my HiTi printer – are drivers still available?  Will SCAL still work?? What about my PSE 10?)  It will take me weeks to get things stable and usable, I imagine.  So for now, till we work out all the stuff that needs to be done, I am back on the old machine.  So I’ll be even more AFK than I have been.  Perhaps in the new year things will settle down… I can but hope.

Oh, and I’ve caught up on the book-folding template requests, for now, but things may get sidetracked there depending on the technology issues. If you are wanting one for a Christmas gift, do ask sooner rather than later, cause I may not be able to get to them from next week – of it may take me longer to reply!

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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