The Big Knit – little hats

I have been a bit dead in the water, due to my graphics card in my Mac failing, big time.  When I went to my desk, and wiggled the mouse to bring the screens back to life, the displays were full of squiggle lines.  Rebooting didn’t help.  DH determined it was a display issue (to be fair, over the phone, only from my description) and that seemed to be it, once I disabled the large TV display.  But then it happened again, within the hour.  The additional data meant it was probably the graphics card.  And it was, it just took a couple of days to sort it out  In the meantime, a new visitor has arrived  Departure date? 20th Nov.

Just before the mac went offline, I got an email from Deramores, regarding The Big Knit.  This is the annual tiny knitted (or crocheted) hats that top Innocent Smoothies, with sales generating donations to Age Concern  Well, heck – *I’M* ageing, and I am darn concerned about it, and I knit, and I like charity knitting, so this seems a match made in heaven. Since I was limited to what I could do on my iPad (i.e. not much) I thought I would have a go.  Knitting from a web page rather than a printed copy was annoying but I made a few of the basic ones.

I then found some more interesting patterns, some from this year and some from previous years  and I made one pattern up (but based on a sock pattern I am just beginning, so I can test it out.)  I knit them in the round with Magic Loop, rather than knitting flat and sewing them together, cause why purl, when you can knit?  Here are the ones I have done so far  There are a few extra of that basic hat pattern, but those aren’t worth photographing individually – hover to see the names.

I love the Jellyfish – totally my favourite.  Our visitor asked why I didn’t just find one I like and make 100 of them.  He’s one of our oldest friends, yet he clearly doesn’t know me at ALL.  LOL!  I am working on one that is going to be quite interesting, I think, and have an idea for another I want to work out.  We’ll see…

And now the Mac is up and running, albeit slightly sluggishly, I have actual UKS work to do too.  Plus the house is a total wreck and the laundry is all in a heap.  AND I have an hour to do on the treadmill, to keep my heart healthy.  AND the visitor is vegetarian so recipes to research as well.  And I am well aware that Christmas is looming, so some handmade gifts need addressing too. I’m knackered already….