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Thanksgiving Printables for Project Life

This year, especially, I would say I have much to be thankful for.  I do every year, but this year in particular.

I SAY these are for PL, but I think they could easily work as card toppers.  With a little effort they would easily work for place cards.  I think just a simple folded piece, with the printed card stuck to the front, then a small strip with the name printed (or hand written) on it stuck to that, works fine! Even easier, just mount the printed card just slightly higher on the folded piece and jot the name below, like so:


Quick and dirty, LOL!  I think I would opt to print the name in a nice font rather than my chicken scratchings.

They have a slightly cartoon-y feel to them, but I have another set that is more..elegant?  Sort of. They will come soon.


You can download those here.