Folded book stuff, again

I still get requests and comments asking for folded book templates of specific words.  I am still trying to figure out a way to make it possible for people to make their own.  I don;’t mind doing, it – with the program I use it takes seconds.  The hardest part is thinking which font might work best.  I have two or three scripty fonts that seem to work and one or two plainer ones.  I did alphabets so people could assemble any word for themselves, but it is a bit tricky.

I have collected a number of book-folding links that I thought I would share.

This video has all the steps for creating your own template using Photoshop.  I thought it was tricky, which is why I tried doing it in Intaglio. At about the 1:30 minute mark, she shows using the template to make the folds.  This is basically what I do with my lined templates.

There are other methods I’ve not yet tried but that look very easy.  This one doesn’t require a printed template – you simply fan the pages very slightly and draw the info on the page-edges then use the pencil marks to show you where the folds are! Cool, humm?



This link has a number of great ideas.  My favourite is totally the peacock cascade!  Love it.

If you want simple, with little effort, this site has some simple geometric shapes.  They are so easy to follow and would look great a few in a group. The link is to her category for book folding so there are many to choose from, some more successful than others, so look thru them all.

This one comes with the measurements but I think it could be the one of the harder methods. If all you want is a heart?  This might be a good place to start. There is also a link to someplace that will make and sell you a template.


This site has lots of free templates, of the measuring sort. If this method appeals to you this site will keep you busy.  And the one to start with is probably the Christmas trees!  How adorable – and timely.

So that will keep you busy for a bit.  But I’ve not given up sending out templates, don’t worry.