Floral calendar. A post with the actual download in it. Doh!

Yeah, I am clearly losing my mind.  It’s been days since I blogged, the in-laws and family and Drs. are keeping  me busy, my Dear DS is home for a few days (yay!) and I am working in some Christmas gifts.  Somehow, I managed to ONCE AGAIN leave off the download link for the pretty floral B&W calendar.  In this particular case it turned out to be a GOOD thing, cause I noticed a couple of the floral borders were not perfectly lined up at the edges of the boxes.  Now I can add the corrected ones without worrying that people had downloaded the not-perfect ones.  All good, then.


See what I mean?



HERE is the download! I’ll get back to normal soon, fingers crossed, with only the rare error, rather than one every other printable.  {sigh}