B&W floral calendar, by request!

I am such a twit.  See the next post for the actual download…. DOH!

A commenter, Anastasia, asked about a black and white floral border for one of my 2016 calendars. When people don’t specify something really specific, I tend to do what *I* think they want.  Which may or may not be what they actually want.  I used the calendar from the post that prompted the comment, and while this is less a border than a corner detail (cause a border would mean making the calendar part a lot smaller so it would fit) I think it looks good and hopefully will appeal, to both the commenter and the rest of the calendar fans.  It could be printed on lightly patterned paper as well.


Like the original, there are three blank cards at the end for journaling cards.

Hope you like them and find them useful!


My in-laws are still here (one more week) and MIL and I have been busy, busy, busy!  Add in all the Drs. appointments  and rehab sessions (I have SIX next week, plus the alarm company, the cleaner, and the WOYWW crop) and time is short, for sure.  I even had an appointment for an echocardiogram this (Saturday) morning at 8AM! I have to hope normal service will resume at some point, but with Christmas looming who knows?  Roll on 2016, I think….