Just one more folded book template

I had a request via comments for a book folding template, with Mr & Mrs.  I made two versions, one with spaces either side of the & and one without. My thought was that you wouldn’t need the spaces, along with how the heck you create them!  I could only think you would fold a handful of pages so they stopped short of the edge, then after doing 10 or so if those, carry on with the next character.  This is more at the beginning and the end, but I think the effect will be the same


Notice how the point falls well short of the edge of the pages.


And the effect when the book is upstanding


And a slightly different angle:


So here are the two templates.  Please, please do share your book with me if you make one!

The one with the spaces

The one without

As a side note, I get a lot of comments and follow-up email discussion about determining the page count.  I would suggest going back to the original post to see how I determine that.