Where all the women are strong…


...all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. My in-laws arrive today and I have such fond memories of sitting around in their house, listening to Prairie Home Companion.  The News from Lake Wobegon was a firm favourite.  I have a couple of sets released, gosh, in the 90s, probably, on cassette tape, and I recently listened to a couple – they really don’t age.  They are just as funny now as they were when I first heard them.  But it isn’t just the humour – there were always lots of quotable quotes buried in the stories, things that made you nod your head and smile.  So this is a quickie set, added as I take a break from the final hoovering before they get back from the airport.  All Garrison Keillor quotes that strike a chord with me – maybe they will with you too?


I can think of lots of uses. I hope you can too.  Just a single sheet to download.  I splurged on a large set of fab handwritten fonts and I am sure I will be exploring them further in upcoming printables!

I can’t believe I found this on YouTube – one of my all-time most favourite episodes.  Have a listen.  It still makes me LOL!

4 thoughts on “Where all the women are strong…

  1. These quotes are lovely, thank you so much.

  2. Love these quotes. Thank you. Take care Zo xx

  3. Oh that was so much fun – Yes, still VERY funny. Thank you so much for today’s post. Real humor is so hard to come by these days. The lasting kind like I Love Lucy that stands the test of time. I was talking about Lake Wobegon several days ago about how I missed it and was so happy today to hear this – You have made my day!

  4. OMG, I’d forgotten how much I love Garrison Keiller too…have got some of his books on our shelves. That’s the next thing to reread then 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you at the Crop!
    LLJ xx

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