Where all the women are strong…

...all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. My in-laws arrive today and I have such fond memories of sitting around in their house, listening to Prairie Home Companion.  The News from Lake Wobegon was a firm favourite.  I have a couple of sets released, gosh, in the 90s, probably, on cassette tape, and I recently listened to a couple – they really don’t age.  They are just as funny now as they were when I first heard them.  But it isn’t just the humour – there were always lots of quotable quotes buried in the stories, things that made you nod your head and smile.  So this is a quickie set, added as I take a break from the final hoovering before they get back from the airport.  All Garrison Keillor quotes that strike a chord with me – maybe they will with you too?


I can think of lots of uses. I hope you can too.  Just a single sheet to download.  I splurged on a large set of fab handwritten fonts and I am sure I will be exploring them further in upcoming printables!

I can’t believe I found this on YouTube – one of my all-time most favourite episodes.  Have a listen.  It still makes me LOL!