More book folding templates

UPDATED: I’ve re-added the PDF to include the number zero.  Critical for 10th 20th, 50th, etc and really it should have been there from the beginning.  Sorry about that.

So I am going to add these as well.  Hopefully they will prove helpful.  I’ve done some basic shapes, and numbers, and the ordinal abbreviations (st, nd, rd, th) in what I hope is a good size.  I thought they would work for Anniversary gifts, or birthdays.


The lines may not look right, depending on the resolution of your monitor, but I would say print a single page first before writing them off. For example, on MY screen it looks like the two hands holding are darker, like maybe it is showing them overlapping, in the shot above, but in reality…


I had to rotate the 5’s, because the thin line did not show up as lines to fold.  I may do another font that works better, but all the rest of the letters look so good for this one, I wanted to add it. I would say probably all but the solid heart is at least an intermediate level project.  Although, maybe they aren’t any more challenging than a name…

You can grab the multi-page PDF here.

A word about A4 v US letter – if the bottom of the page is cut off for US letter printers, please let me know.  I suspect this might be the case for the alphabet pages from yesterday, I just don’t know.