Christmas tags – the .svg version

I made the tags I added last week a .svg cutting file.  Since I can’t add them here due to WordPress , I am trying once again to add them elsewhere so you can download them without having to resort to Dropbox.

Let me know if this works! Here is the link. OK I’ll have to sort that out then… Back to DropBox then …

They look like this:


Yeah, I probably could have come up with a 6th one LOL!  I did think maybe a stocking, but didn’t follow thru on it.

Cut, they look like this, and you can save the bits and stick them to another set of plain tags, in a sort of twofer.


OK, so I did lose the tiny nose from the cut file, but I like the bigger circle too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….

You should be able to break apart the elements and adjust the tag size if you prefer, or eliminate the hole entirely if you want more of a card topper or scrapbooking element.

If I find that housing the files where they are works, I may end up doing a few more .svgs – it’s a challenge and therefore fun for me … unless it becomes more stress and less fun.  At that point, I’ll stop!


When in doubt, add a calendar!

Here is another 2016 calendar.  Just something I was playing with “before.” I wanted something a little more hand-drawn looking and I think this fits the bill.



I like the font for the letters, which is called Quirky Knots. I did check three times and really concentrated so am as close to 100% sure these are correct as I can be.  Avoiding any crappy site that added a calendar that had the wrong info on it, I found one that I feel is reliable and have saved it so I can come back to it again and again.


On a personal note, I saw the Dr. and he is happy enough not to increase one of the meds.  Apparently the normal thing to do is to start on a low dose and work up to a high one.  I’m on 1.5mg and the norm is 10mg.  I did a little research on something my sister mentioned in passing, the DASH diet.  Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  I like it,  and it’s been rated the top diet (in the US anyway) for 5 years for both how easy it is to stick to as well as how effective it is.  I got the book for the weight-loss version, and it IS good.  When I lost 40lbs a couple of years back, I did it by cutting out virtually all carbs and limiting my fruits to berries.  That “cured” my type 2 diabetes (ha ha) according to the Dr.  but it really wasn’t sustainable.  I love toast too much LOL!  I can live without ice cream and candy, even muesli or granola far easier than never having a potato or toast with my eggs.  Just before the heart attack I had noticed a slow weight gain, and had just started to go back to removing those foods from my diet again.  But the DASH diet includes all sorts of fruits and grains. There is meant to be a two-week phase that is no fruit, no grains (which I didn’t know cause I had only read the info on the Mayo Clinic website, which is the original diet, without the focus on weight loss and as a by-product, metabolism re-set and sugar control) but the diet after that has all the things I love in small quantities.  Yes, even dark chocolate!

It has really only been two weeks since I got out of the hospital but so far I have lost 8 lbs, brought my sugar levels down to an acceptable level (not good, but far better than in the hospital – the combo of the so-called “diabetic diet” foods like piles of mashed potatoes and carrots and very few GREEN vegetables and the stress of being in the hospital probably contributed to that at least a bit) and am not struggling with it at all.   Well, I am struggling a little simply because the UK is far behind the US in offering low-salt, no added salt or sugar, non-fat or low-fat versions of foods.  I’ve yet to find pancake syrup in any store I’ve shopped in, let alone the sugar-free versions I saw in the USA 15 years ago.  And reduced salt chicken broth?  25 years ago that was common in the USA.  I still struggle to find it reliably.  I gave up on proper Jewish rye and pumpernickel bread (as opposed to the damp, Polish market ones) and there are 100 other things that the book mentions as “in any grocery store” that can’t be found here.  It’s made me have to research every little thing, read labels like never before (and I really did read them a lot already) to stay on track.  But I am seeing the benefits already.  I feel better, and am looking forward to the Cardio rehab sessions to get more info.  I’ll be dragging out the stationary bike – with winter coming it’ll be a reliable way to exercise – and am looking to find a yoga DVD for stress reduction.

OK so that was all super boring, I’m sure.  I’ve rarely let much of my real life slip in here, keeping it to mostly crafty things, but this is huge for me and I find writing about it helpful.  I promise I will try to set this sort of personal stuff apart so it is easy to skip over.  I might even relegate it to another blog, so I can satisfy the need to write about it without boring the crafty folk to tears!

Thanks for all the kind comments, BTW.  It means a lot.


Christmas tags

Yeah, I know.  But I am still not meant to be working.  Thursday is the day I can ease back in to a regular routine.  But some of my “work” has to be working on other aspects of life, not just blogging and UKScrappers stuff. So I still may be here today, gone tomorrow for a bit longer.

Under the heading of made but holding, I have these Christmas tags. Cute enough, very simple, and useful, I hope.  This may be the year that I attack Christmas far in advance, just to minimize the stress of my usual last-minute panic.  So for me as well as for the chronically pre-prepared, here they are:


You can grab them here.

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Hipster printables – all a bit silly

I have been seeing hipster style bits and bobs for ages, and sort of collecting things, with a vague idea of what to do with them. I am well aware these are likely to be of very limited appeal, but I had fun playing around with them and figure I should add them, rather than another big blank empty blog space yet again.


I added the little row of circles to punch at the bottom, and hope I have squeezed them in in such a way that they will print on US letter paper without getting cut off.  Fingers crossed.  Grab them here.

Yesterday was my first full day of activity and I am feeling fairly wiped out today.  Lucky it can be an easy one, trapped in awaiting some repair work.  I am slowly back to doing normal activities and in 2 weeks when I go to cardio rehab for assessment, I hope to have both my energy up and weight down even a little more.  I lost a bunch of weight a couple of years ago and very recently gained 10 lbs or so back. I need to shift it and another 20 lbs for sure.  Good-bye naughty treats, hello exercise bike! {sigh}


Back to School printables

This is just a quick set I had been playing with “before” – I am now thinking of things in terms of BEFORE and AFTER.  Funny, that.


I thought the portrait oriented ones might just fit a small school photo – or have room for a bit of journaling.  I keep reading that chalkboards are over, but for Back to School, they are less hipster and more appropriate, don’tcha think?  Grab them here.

Now I have far too many phone calls to make and a friend popping round for lunch and shopping tonight.  Busy day, but I am determined to be very Zen about it all.

We’ll see how long THAT lasts….


Of hearts and heart attacks…

Well.  The last printable I added was hearts and then I had a heart attack.  As Alanis would say Isn’t that ironic?

Funny, really,  but there are some things in life that if they happen, you expect them to be huge.  If not huge, then at least recognizable.  I have been schooled by the movies and TV.  When someone has a heart attack, they clutch their chest, grimace in pan, drop to the floor like a dead weight, or slump back in their chair or on the hospital bed, as the monitor flatlined.  Na.  Not like that at all.

I had the worst pain in my ELBOW over the bank holiday Monday.  It hurt like no hurt I have ever experienced. You know when you bash your thumb with a hammer, or get it slammed in a door?  How the pain throbs with every heartbeat?  It was like the pain of that without the momentary respite on the downbeat.  It just hurt on and on and on.  By 11pm or so, with no medicine touching it, I was pacing the house.  I could not sit still.  I was wracking my brains for what to do.  In the end, luckily, I dialled 111.  As I was trying to describe the pain, again luckily, I commented that I thought maybe it was causing me to panic a bit as my chest felt a tiny bit tight.  A minute later that passed but the NHS lady said they would send along an ambulance to check me out.  Which they did.  The did a ECG in the driveway, thought it looked ok, but decided to take  me in anyway.

I had a blood test right away and ECGs over the night. The Dr. who came in said it all looked ok but they wanted to keep me in and repeat the blood text 12 hours after that tightness.  They did.  The Dr. came back to apologize, saying he hadn’t actually looked at the ECG himself, when he did, he thought there WAS a small indicator of SOMETHING, which was confirmed by the blood test.  Yes, I def. had a heart attack. Oh joy!

I felt FINE.  They gave me some meds to slow my heart rate and thin my blood, eventually did an angiogram (a very weird feeling, as the wire travels thru your artery) and an angioplasty to install a small stent.  Bionic me.   Ha.  The rest looks good, my heart is pumping well, no other arteries are thinned, although one is slightly “furred” (hello diet + statin, goodbye cholesterol!) The stent took the artery with the problem from a B road to a motorway.

TECHNICALLY I am banned from work for 2-3 weeks, from driving for 2 weeks, and then need to do some cardiac rehab.  But is blogging technically working?  There were one or two bits I had to do online, and I felt a short session to explain my absence would be ok.  So long as I don’t allow anything to stress me out. I figure I can do very short sessions, once a day. Knowing there are a couple of people who asked for specific things that I have not yet been able to send IS stressing me out, so I figure it’s better to at least explain.  Then tomorrow I should be able to do those couple of things and eliminate the stress.  Job done.  It’s self-imposed stress so I can remove it – just knowing I have a plan makes it less stressful.

In the meantime, I have a handful of printables that I had been playing with.  Nothing super awesome, but usable with the odd tweak or two.  I’ll pop them up as I can.  triangles

Pretty simple and basic but I think useful. Grab them here and enjoy.