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The blues – not me, the printables!

I know there are two schools of thought – one that says their scrapbook albums should be happy places, focusing on the positive and the good memories only, and another that says the albums should be a true depiction of life, warts and all.  This set is for the second group!


So they aren’t super sad, but I think they do highlight some not always upbeat moments.  I think they still can be used even in mostly happy layouts – the Calm before the storm could be for a photo of a sleeping child, who is a whirlwind when awake. Bad days could be for something just a little bit bad – siblings fighting, not getting the grade wanted, or missing out on concert tickets.  Feeling blue could even work just with a photo of a kid wearing blue!  Even just cover the text with something you prefer, printed on a strip of paper.  The font is Intro Rust G.  Think outside the box.

Grab them here.


And no, I didn’t design these because I am feeling blue.  Quite the opposite – I think I was more feeling grateful that my episode was so minor, but clearly highlighted a problem lurking inside my heart that might have stayed hidden till it did me some real damage when it made itself known! But I had to do a sort of a questionnaire thing for cardio rehab (real workout day is today – the other one was just an assessment) about my mood.  My score was an A – not depressed at all, in a good mental state. It made me think about all the people who didn’t score OK.  And that did make me at once sad and again grateful. I think these grew out of that.