I just can’t leave well enough alone…

I have been following the DASH diet, and like it a lot.  It’s not hard to stick to, I feel like I am getting enough food, and food I like (ok, slightly bland without salt, but still, better for me) but the book is frustrating.  I couldn’t cook the recipes without finding a good place to prop up the book so it stayed open, the sections I wanted to refer to a lot were scattered in with other stuff I didn’t care about (like the science of it all) or that I would read occasionally, but not often.

So what did I do?  What any self-respecting crafter would do – I deconstructed the book and made it over the way I wanted it to be.


Yep.  I did. I cut the sucker up.  Once I secured the pages with a few big rubber bands to hold the edges straight, I took a ruler and a box cutter and sliced the pages out.  I thought about using the original cover but was worried the BIA rings wouldn’t be big enough for smooth opening and closing.  I cut up a colourful plastic place mat to make internal dividers and the covers.


I reorganized the order of the book t suit me (good thing too, cause I did actually rip the index pages by mistake – re-ordering the book makes the index a bit useless so no loss there)


and strong tabs mark the sections I know I will g back to every day. I have a stack more tabs to note things I think are important, and to compensate for ruining the index.


I like the internal dividers and think it makes using the book a lot easier.  I did call maybe 4 different UK binding services and none of them said the would cut and rebind a book (like Kinkos and Office Depot do in the States) so DIY was the order of the day.