My DASH diet planner


Fair warning – I am not planning on adding this as a download, as it really is useless unless you buy this book. I did buy it and read it and love it.  In the past, when I have been successful in dieting it has been down to cutting out carbs and most fruit. We have always eaten a ton of veg and lentils, black beans, white bean mash, but far too much meat.  This version of DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) doesn’t cut out any one food group.  It seems like a plan that is sustainable.  But making sure I am getting everything I need while not overdoing things in certain areas was always going to take some planning and attention.  So I created my own personal planner that has the bits in it I need. I have been using it (since yesterday when I began the Phase one diet properly) and so far it IS helping to keep me on track.  I was happy to share it on the FB Support group (kindly linked to me in a comment by follower Bridget) because the folks there have the book and can make use of the very specific info – and won’t be misled by the abbreviated info in the charts.

But if you are following a specific diet, you might consider making one of these for yourself.  Just the making of it helped me a lot! Because I have a Filofax style planner, I first made them to print and slice down the middle like my other planner pages:

This is the serving checklist – basically a prettier version of what is in the book


I also made a sheet that tracks my weight, blood sugar level and activity – this is the first version, the final one includes tick boxes for water consumption.


I also did a sheet that highlights many of the meal suggestions for the Phase One portion.  I figure by Phase Two I’ll have a better grip on it.  Plus it is too hard to squeeze as much info as I would need in a small sheet LOL!  I have the book to refer to.


The tick boxes are so I can keep track of how many times I have a particular meal over the week.  Phase One is only two weeks so this sheet is only useful for a limited time. There is a Phase Two serving checklist too, that will become the bulk of the planner over time.

But it also occurred to me that many people won’t have a planner.  And aren’t going to be keen to buy one just for tracking their diet.  So I re-jigged the layout so the sheets can be printed on an A4 or US letter sheet, sideways, and used in a standard 3-ring (or 4-ring) binder.

I was lazy and cheap and printed these on printer paper, standard quality, hence the colour difference.


What I did notice in that process is that the meant-to-be-cut pages won’t work in a binder like this – the sheets are flip-flopped, so the MON-WED days are on the RIGHT rather than the left.  Of COURSE it wasn’t going to be easy.  But hey ho.

I feel lucky that I have the skill (sort of)  to customize a personalized planner for specifically what I need to plan for.  And it makes me realize why I found it so hard to create a “generic” planner for OTHER people to use.  Everyone has their own ideas of what a planner needs.  I remember back when we used NeXT computers, post-PC, pre-Mac.  There was an object-oriented programming tool that let you group individual bits of code just the way YOU needed to, to build a program without starting from a blank screen.  It fascinated me, and made so much sense.  Wouldn’t it be totally cool if you had little building blocks for a planner that you could drag onto a properly sized blank page, and its reverse,  to create your own customized version? And change the colour or font with a click? Then just send it to your printer and BAM! WHAT? Prefect planner!

Ah, dream on….

294 thoughts on “My DASH diet planner

  1. Hi, I’m just starting my DASH diet and your tracking planner seems great. Can you share with me your planner?

  2. I just bought this book an amazon. It is for my husband. I would love some of your pages to use to keep him on track

  3. This is exactly what I have been searching for!! Could you please share your planner with me? Thank you so very much!!

  4. I would love a copy, also. I have the book and was just reading through yesterday and thinking about how to make the charts prettier. My BP was a bit shocking at the doctor the other day and this is a great way to help keep track of everything to do and remember. Thanks for all the info.

  5. Can I get a copy of phase 1 & 2, please?

  6. Thank you for this beautiful organized planner for the DASH diet, could I please have a copy? I have 90 lbs to lose and really want to get organized for success and improve health. This would be such a great tool. Phase 1 and 2 if available also would be awesome in addition to planner. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  7. This is awesome!!!! Could I please get a copy? Do you also have one for phase 2?

  8. Hi- I’m starting back on the Dash Diet and would love to have some additional motivation with these great checklists you made. Thank you for the work you put into it. I used to create things like this as a teacher- but since retirement I don’t use a computer much anymore. Thank you!

  9. Hi. Just heard Dr Jen Caudle recommend this diet.. So I googled and came upon your page. I just ordered this book on Amazon and joined your recommended FB group. Would you share your printables plz? Thanks.. Jill

  10. My doctor just recommended this diet. I have ordered the book. Could i get a copy of your downloads? Thanks

  11. Hi! I was wondering if you could send me the checklists? The printing int he book is so tiny and I love how pretty this is! I am waiting on my approval for the FB group but it is taking awhile. Thanks so much!!

  12. i would also love a copy of your planner please!!!! it is perfect for me. Thank you

  13. I would love a copy or download of your DASH planner please

  14. This type of planning/tracking is the only way I’ll succeed! I’d appreciate a copy, and thanks for your hard work.

  15. Good morning, I am having Hugh BP and my doctor recommended to do a DASH DIET. and your planer looks amazing.
    Can you send me a copy of it. Thank you.

  16. I would love a copy of your printable! Is there a place to purchase or download? They look fantastic!

  17. This is amazing! How do I get a copy of this? Diagnosed with chronic hypertension during pregnancy and need to keep track of all those things to be able to deliver baby safely.

  18. Looks so good! How do I get a copy?

  19. This is wonderful!!! Are we able to purchase the planning pages from you? Great work!!

  20. I am just starting the DASH diet and looking for a tracking system. Would you be willing to share yours with me? Many thanks!

  21. This is exactly what I need to get started. Can I purchase your diet planner?

  22. I would love a copy of the planner, I have purchased the books, just finished the med/dash combo, and will read the weight loss solution tomorrow, and the action plan after that. If there is a way you can send me a copy, I would be so grateful.

  23. You my dear are AMAZE BALLS!!!!!! my I please have a copy of your super fantastic DASH planner template!?!?!?!?!?

  24. Just starting this dash diet and would love to have a ocpy of your planner. How do I get one? Just found you as I’m sitting here trying to create one of my own. Thanks

  25. I forgot to leave my email. Thank you so much

    • I have NO IDEA why WordPress is no longer sending me alerts for just this one post! I am trying to remember to come check in my Dashboard but I forget AGAIN. I’ve emailed you….

  26. I was wondering if I could get your dash diet planner?

  27. I guess I never left an email when I commented that I would like a planner too! Go figure! I love what you do and have been following your posts now. Keep up the good work!

  28. Hi there. I love your planner. Would I be able to get a copy of it please?

  29. Im sorry I requested a copy but didnt include my email here it is

  30. I would LOVE to use your planner! This is my second start on phase 1 and I have the book.

  31. Wow, everything is more fun with cute, colorful planner pages. My husband and I are just starting this plan. Would you be willing to send me your planner pages as well?

  32. I would love a copy as well! Awesome job!

  33. I know this is an older post. Your planner is so awesome. If you still have this file, is there any way you can send it to me?

  34. Can I get a free copy of your planner?

  35. May I have a copy of this planner? I think this will help me! Thank you.

  36. Hi how are you doing? Can you please send me a copy of your dash planner thanks

  37. Can I please get a copy of the planner?

  38. Everything looks AMAZING and I bought the book. I am old school and would like very much a copy of your meal plan if you would Bless this old gal I would greatly APPRECIATE it.God Bless you. mom18blessings

  39. I would really love to use this planner. I can’t seem to find it on the FB group. Can you please send it to me?

  40. I am just starting the DASH diet. Thank you for a helpful article. I would love to have your planner to help keep me on track.

  41. Love your planner pages! I was just sitting down to make my own version and found yours – may I request a copy?? Thanks!!

  42. I love your post, I started on the DASH diet a few days ago. I am going to get the book. please can I request the planner pages from you!

  43. I am ordering book, as I am starting the DASH Diet and would love to have a copy of your planner. I would love it instead of taking pictures of menu on my phone.

  44. Just finished the book and can’t wait to get started! This looks so helpful! Can you please send it to me. I am heading to your facebook page next!!! Thanks , Angie

  45. Oh WOW. This tracker is just what I need to start my DASH diet. First day was today and it was difficult to track to make sure I got all the bases covered. Please send to me???

  46. Hello! After some not so pleasing blood work at the age of 31, I was recommend to the DASH Diet! I have ordered the book and would love to download your printout!

  47. I am just starting this plan and I would like a copy of your planner if it is still available.
    Thank you.

  48. I just got this book on the advice of my husband’s Dr. On a visit to the ER to check out a possible broken ankle, his BP registered at 236/140 ! Dr. put him on meds and told him to lose weight using this program. If you would be so kind as to share your planner pages with me also I would greatly appreciate it since I’m the one who has to plan his meals for him. Thank-you..

  49. This is exactly what I need to get changes in my health journey started. I would love to have a copy.

  50. I would like a copy of your planner …. you are soo organized, I cant seem to acquire those skills

  51. I have been looking for something like this. I am also a member of the FB group, but could not find it. Could I please have a copy. Thank you

  52. I would absolutely love a copy of this, just got the book!

  53. I love this. Could I have a copy too please. I was looking to start something healthy & I found your planner pages. Thank you very much!

  54. This is awesome… would you be willing to share it with me to help me better plan?

  55. This is incredibly helpful. I would love to make a copy if you are willing to share ❤

  56. Hi!
    I would love a copy too please ♡

  57. Love the planner. Have the book. Would you email me a copy of the planner?

  58. Hello I have looked on the facebook that you mentioned as I am part of the group but can’t find it. Will you please email me a copy?

    • Sent. Yeah, I kept adding it and shortly after it would disappear. I kept asking the moderators what was going on, and asking for them to tell me if they did not want me to upload it and they would not either leave it or say don’t add it. In the end I gave up.

  59. My planner is my brain. Please may I have a copy of your DASH tracker?

  60. Hi your tracker looks great. Will you please share it with me?

  61. Hi, this is great. How do I get one of your planners?

  62. I would love a copy of your Dash planner. Do you share? Thank you.

  63. Is it possible to get a copy of your dash forms? Thank you.

  64. This is super helpful info to start the Dash diet. Thank you so much! How do I get a copy please?
    A million thanks!

  65. thank you so much for sharing your expertise! I am about to start the diet. Please could I have a copy?
    A million thanks!

  66. I love your format! I’ve been struggling with this process for years! May I please have a copy of your planner? Thank you for sharing!

  67. I absolutely love this. This planner makes it easy to track and follow along. Where can we find a copy? Thanks for all the hard work!

  68. Thanks would love a copy, how do get one?

  69. Hi, Your planner is awesome. Is there any way I can get a copy or purchase one?

  70. Wow! Love the organization! If you could send me this I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your hard work!

  71. This is amazing. I would love a copy. I have the book but struggling to get organized enough.

  72. This looks amazing, please send me a copy! Thanks for all the hard work

  73. Looks amazing and easy to follow. Please send to me also. Much appreciated

  74. Hi there, could you send me too? Please? 🤗

  75. This is so helpful. I would love a copy of the dash planner please. Thank you

  76. Hi. I would love a copy please! So neat and organized. Hoping this will help on my journey to being healthier and lowering my PB.

  77. You have done a great job setting up your planner. I would love a copy. TIA…no rush I know the holidays are hectic and planning to better my health in 2020.

  78. This is exactly what I have been looking for! Can you send me a copy? Thanks in advance.

  79. I would love a copy of your planner. My Mom had a pacemaker put in and the doctor suggested she follow the diet and this looks like it would be a great way for us to keep track.

  80. Hi could you send copy of your dash planner?

  81. May I get a copy as well? Just starting this journey and need all the help I can get. Thank you!

  82. I would love a copy of this… very organized and neat.

  83. Could I get a copy too? 🙂

  84. Would love a copy of this for my neice. She just found out that she must follow the DASH Diet and ask me about meal planning. Your planner will be just what she needs. Thx

  85. Your planner looks so helpful for someone like me just starting their journey on this eating plan. May I have a copy? Thanks!

  86. This looks great. Can I get a copy of your planer?

  87. This looks amazing!! any way I can get a copy. My Dr. told me start the DASH diet and so for I have been so overwhelmed by it to fully start.. I think this would really help!!

  88. I would love a copy of these planner pages, if possible!

  89. I am 56 yrs old with high BP and slightly elevated sugar. I would like to get off the 2 BP meds I take. I have the book and have done DASH before and had success (then I quit). I want to start it again because it really works, but I don’t like the sheets they suggest using. I just purchased supplies to make my own planner and found yours and I LOVE it! Any way you could send me a copy of yours? Thank you.

  90. This looks amazing!! any way I can get a copy. My Dr. told me start the DASH diet and so for I have been so overwhelmed by it to fully start.. I think this would really help!!

  91. I love this daily serving checklist. My husband had a heart attack and this is the diet recommended by his cardiologist. We have the book and would love your checklist if you would please share. Thank you

  92. Would you be willing to share your planner?

  93. I would love it if you could share with me a copy of your DASH planner. Thank you.

  94. OOPS! I forgot to ask if you would share a copy of your planner?

  95. I recently suffered a stroke and I love your DASH forms. They provide an improved tracking system over the other forms I’ve used.
    Thank you.

  96. I love your planner! Would you mind sharing a copy? I need something that will help me be accountable and keep track. This looks perfect!

  97. I really like the structure of your planner. My son was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and we are starting the Dash Diet as a family to improve our overall healthy eating habits. Would you mind sharing your templates with me? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  98. Please could you send me a cut and fold template for a butterfly

  99. I LOVE YOUR PLANNER. I would love to have a copy of the link to your planner. I have been struggling with trying to document my foods on a diary and have been unsuccessful in keeping up the documentation. I have purchased the DASH Mediterranean Book and am hopeful I will succeed in my weight loss adventure. I have found your planner is perfect, there is no other planner like it. Thank you for your help in my adventure to better health.

  100. Hello! My dad suffered a heart attack last week and your trackers/pages would be very helpful to him and my mom as they adjust to this new lifestyle. Would you please share with me? Thank you for sharing your insights!

  101. I saw the post on the DASH diet tracking sheets. I would love to get a copy so I can begin the DASH diet.

  102. Your planner pages are simply fabulous! I was hoping that you might send a copy to me so I can start on the DASH diet eating plan. Thanks so much for sharing!

  103. You are so organized!!!! May I have a copy of your DASH plan?

  104. I’d love to get copies of your planner pages!

  105. I love a copy of your planner and tracking sheets

  106. I love a copy of your planner

  107. I would love to have a copy of you dash diet planner. You did an awesome job!! Thanks

  108. I’m just starting the DASH way of life. I would love to have a copy of your planner pages to get myself organzed. Thank you!

  109. Hello! May I please have a copy of this planner, it looks great!

  110. i’d love a copy of your tracking sheets! exactly what ive been looking for…these are so simple and clean! Will you share with me too?

  111. I have just started the DASH Diet and would love a copy of your planner! Thanks

  112. I would greatly appreciate you sharing your DASH diet log to help in decreasing my high blood pressure. Thank you so much!

  113. Please send your tracker pages, thank you so much 🙂

  114. HI, May I please have the planner pages. Thank you so much for sharing!

  115. I would love a copy of your tracking sheets! They look perfect to help keep track of everything! Thank you so much!

  116. May I please have a copy of your planner? You have done all the work! Thank you.

  117. Just started the Dash diet and would be very interested in your planner sheets. May i get a copy or I can purchase them if I need to.
    Thank you!

  118. Will you please send me a copy of your track pages? Thank you

  119. These look really helpful for me as I am just getting started with DASH. Would you be willing to share them with me?

  120. I love these and just started the phase 1. I would love to be able to use these to track my progress!

  121. These are just what I need! I would love a copy of your planner. You are so clever!!! Thank you

  122. I’d love to be able to download the DASH planner pages. They look awesome!

  123. Your planner is exactly what I have been looking for! Would you mind if you could please send me a copy of it?

  124. Hi, I too would love to have a copy of your downloads! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  125. I would love a copy of your planner. It is well made and I think it will help me a lot.

  126. Would you be willing to share your planner me too? So organized and easy to use! Thanks in advance.

  127. Bought the book you recommended – am earnestly starting DASH! Is there a way to access your journal sheets? Can you send or may I purchase? Thanks so much.

  128. I would love to get a copy of your dash diet planner. I’m trying to get my husbands blood pressure and cholesterol under control with this diet and your planner looks amazing!

  129. I’m looking for a easy way to track DASH diet in my planner and was hoping to get a copy of your printables. I’ve got a month left to make some progress on my goals…Already down 13 pounds!!

  130. Are you still giving away your DASH diet planners? If so I would love one. My husband’s doctor just put him on this diet and this would help A LOT. Thanks so much!!

  131. This looks awesome! I would love a copy of it as well. I’ve had the book for a few years now, but kept getting away from it. Planning on sticking with it this time. Lots going on and cardiologist highly recommending this. 🙂 This would make it much easier to keep up with! Thank you. Sherrie

  132. Hi! I would like a copy as well. It looks like something that can help me wrap my mind around this as my husband and I are starting this diet due to his high cholesterol an my weight.

  133. I am new to the Dash Diet and in all my searches, your information was the most organized and helpful. I like how you created a planner based on the needs of this yourself and program. May I please have a link to your planner. I think this is something I can utilize to stay on track.

  134. I would love a link or pdf to download these pages, awesome job. I can’t find anything on amazon remotely close!

  135. My doctor suggested I try this Dash Diet. And when I search online it’s over whelming but I think your planner might help me organize my meals. May I have a copy of your planner? Please and Thank you!

  136. May I please have a link to your Dash Diet planner? My husband and I are going on the dash journey!! I am sad though that there is not alot of information out there, but am glad for the facebook group.

  137. If you’d please, I’d like a copy of your Dash Diet planner. My husband and I just began following the plan. Of all the planners “out there,” your seems like it would be the best fit for us. Thank you!

  138. hi, wonderful job!
    i’m about to begin the dash diet, and searching anything that would help me..
    can i get a copy too, please?

  139. My mother and I recently purchased The DASH Diet Action Plan book due to our weight issues and hypertension. We are very interested in obtaining a copy of your planner. It looks like a great resource to help us be more successful on our healthier lifestyle and weight-loss journey. Thanks in advance for your help.

  140. Hello!! I just love what you have done here! I have had hypertension in my family and have just been put on the DASH diet at only 33 to drop my BP…. I have tried many diets and made planners such as you have here but none to your extent.. its is impressive and the perfect tool to keep on track! I would love a copy if you can send a link or send one to me? Thank you for sharing your story!!

  141. Your DASH diet planner is just what I’ve been looking for to keep my husband and I on track! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work so others can be successful. May I please have a copy of it?

  142. Love the planner, could I please have a copy? Thanks !

  143. Please send me your planner. It is awesome! Exactly what I need to stay on track with DASH.

  144. Had heart surgery last month and was put on the Dash diet. I bought the book and was looking for check list and found your blog. Was wondering if I could get a copy of the planner for the dash diet. I would really appreciate a copy to keep me in check. Thank you for your help!

  145. Can I get a copy too? This is amazing!!! I am just at awww.

    • I also bought the book and started to create a checklist for myself and then I thought maybe there is a tool online. I found your post/blog and would greatly appreciate a copy of the planner for the dash diet. I need all the help I can get.

    • already sent in reply to the other comment 🙂

  146. I would love a copy too. I’m getting ready to begin the dash diet and need all the help I can get. You are amazing!

  147. I would like the link as well, if that is possible.
    Thank you so much!!

  148. Hello,

    I love what you are doing here. How did you learn to pull down all these different fonts? What is the design tool app you use and can I please get the dash diet planner pdf you are showcasing here? They are super cute and will make the diet adventure easier for my husband and I : )

  149. Hi! May I have your link of your DASH Diet checklist. It looks very helpful.


  150. I love your planner. Just starting DASH, and I was hoping to find something just like this to keep as a checklist. Could you send me a link?

  151. I would love a copy of your DASH planner! Is it possible for you to send me one? I am just starting DASH and was looking for something exactly like this. 🙂

  152. I was looking all over the Internet for a Daily Planner suitable for the Dash diet, and at last I have found the perfect one. Yours !
    I hope you were successful with the DASH, and would dearly love to make daily check sheets like yours.
    Dieting is not something I have NEVER been good at!

  153. I would also love to have a copy if this it would be so helpful for me!

  154. I too would love the link to your download for this awesome planner! Lots of work – Looks great!

  155. having this check out list would be a big help! is it possible to get a copy? I am on the Facebook Dash Diet group

  156. HI, I would really appreciate your handouts if possible. They could really help me. Thank you in advance.

  157. I would love to have a download link for the Dash Diet planner. Thanks so much.

  158. I would love a copy of your planner pages….do you publish them?

  159. Doctor tells me my blood pressure is “scary high”. Thanks for that non-stress inducing phrasing! Immediately bought the book. Would you please share a download link for your planner?

  160. Just bought a planner and was looking for a Dash diet planner insert, hoping that someone created one and a Google search brought me to your page. I would love to have a copy of this file, if possible. Thank you for your consideration.

  161. I tried to join the group and it is closed. I do have the book. I had a heart attack about a month ago and am only 51 years old would you consider sharing your planner with me? Thank you. You did an amazing job. Sandi

  162. Wonderful – it should help keep you on track.

    When you need more room, why not have a fold out page, just print it landscape and attach it to the portrait page?

    Happy thoughts,

  163. Hi there! In DAILY DASH Phase 1, second one from the bottom, I think you mean broccoli? Perhaps you overlooked the missing r, so I mention it. You put a real lot of effort in all the downloads you share.Thank you for that! I’m not  going to use this one though, altough I need to loose weight too.

    greetings/groetjes, Trix 

    • Luckily, that particular page is not one I am sharing anywhere 🙂 I’ll fix it, just cause you spotted it and told me, now I can see it,and it’ll bug me. On the plus side, I’m only using it for two week, then that page becomes useless. That isn’t even in the Top Ten of my stupid mistakes LOL!

      It is a good diet, but the problem is it really is USA-centric. Lots of the low-salt, low and non-fat items found in US stores just aren’t found everywhere. I am dying to get ahold of the FlatOut flat breads and they won’t even ship them to the UK. Grrr.

      Thanks for your eagle eye 🙂


  164. Looks awesome!! I bet this will be very helpful!!

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