Two requests – Italian and BIG blank calendars

I’ve had two requests for different versions of the blank calendars.  One was for an Italian version – easy enough.  My heritage is 3/4 Italian and the grandparents who weren’t born in Italy were 1st generation immigrants.  So making the Italian version was a joy – and something I perhaps should have thought of before.  I can add that to the list that includes Spanish, French, German and even a Jewish calendar.

In case you want it, the Italian version is here.  Note it is a Monday start for these, as that is the Italian way.2016_Italian_blank


The other request came in just this morning – but it is one that at least one other person asked for.  She and I have chatted via email but not come to a conclusion.  I had already figured out the biggest size I could fit on an A4/US Letter size page and this is it:


Those blocks are 3.75 x 5.25 inches.  That allows them to fall within the printing borders of most printers. I did dither over whether or not to include the thin grey lines.  Some may prefer not to have them, so the vertical dimensions could take advantage of the blank borders, but I think for most people, they would prefer to have the cutting lines clearly defined.  So you can grab THAT set here if you like.  They don’t fir Project Life sleeves, too big for 3×4, too small for 4 x 6, but you could trim them and mount them on 4 x 6 blocks of cardstock or patterned paper and get them to fit.