Geek buying


DH loves his Geek app.  We’ve bought everything from hair extensions for DD to try out (don’t ask) to power cables and adapters, and USB sticks and arty stuff.  Recently I got this leather piercing wheel that is so much fun to play with


At only £3 it was well worth it! Back when I played around making faux postage, this perforating tool would have been super handy! Not perfect but not bad:


And the perforations make for a nice only slightly ragged edge when torn.


I also took a chance on some markers – they have a HUGE range there.  The Paint Pens are very cheap.  Unfortunately the ones I got are more Promarker and less Copic, with a chisel and a bullet tip rather than a brush.  The colours are nice enough and they were not as much as shown on the current page (I want to say under £20 for the box) but I can’t find this set on there at all.


And they have a ton of other stuff worth looking at – how cute for Smash books and Planners are these little sticky tabs??


and these?


Both of those pack are £1, and these are £2:


We’ve had very good luck with our orders.  It does take time, and they come in very piecemeal, not all at once, but we’ve never had a non delivery and the one electronic item that had an issue, they just refunded the money and told us to throw it away.  Everything else has been great.

Might be worth a look….


4 thoughts on “Geek buying

  1. Woul love to look at this, but it won’t open on my PC!!

    • I wish I could help you there but it could be that you are using a PC? We generally use the Geek app – frankly I was a little surprised that it was available from my (Mac) desktop. If you have an iPhone or iPad you could try it from there. Or Google “geek app” and see what comes up – there is an Android version so maybe one of the links will work for you?

      otherwise, ditch the PC and buy a Mac LOL!
      (just kidding!)

      • Yes, it’s a pc! Would love a mac, but not sure I’ll be able to keep any sort of computer once this packs up – recently widowed, and very short on income now! I don’t do shopping on my phone, always on the pc, so that will be something else to bear in mind when the pc dies on me! Thanks anyway

  2. Definitely worth a look, I reckon…might be a useful site for some ‘C’ presents!
    Thank you SO much for that pfd you sent me, it’s really useful. I’m definitely going to print that off for future use. Thank you for thinking of me 🙂
    I hope you’re feeling better…..
    Hugs, LLJ xxxxx

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