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Hipster printables – all a bit silly

I have been seeing hipster style bits and bobs for ages, and sort of collecting things, with a vague idea of what to do with them. I am well aware these are likely to be of very limited appeal, but I had fun playing around with them and figure I should add them, rather than another big blank empty blog space yet again.


I added the little row of circles to punch at the bottom, and hope I have squeezed them in in such a way that they will print on US letter paper without getting cut off.  Fingers crossed.  Grab them here.

Yesterday was my first full day of activity and I am feeling fairly wiped out today.  Lucky it can be an easy one, trapped in awaiting some repair work.  I am slowly back to doing normal activities and in 2 weeks when I go to cardio rehab for assessment, I hope to have both my energy up and weight down even a little more.  I lost a bunch of weight a couple of years ago and very recently gained 10 lbs or so back. I need to shift it and another 20 lbs for sure.  Good-bye naughty treats, hello exercise bike! {sigh}