Back to School printables


This is just a quick set I had been playing with “before” – I am now thinking of things in terms of BEFORE and AFTER.  Funny, that.


I thought the portrait oriented ones might just fit a small school photo – or have room for a bit of journaling.  I keep reading that chalkboards are over, but for Back to School, they are less hipster and more appropriate, don’tcha think?  Grab them here.

Now I have far too many phone calls to make and a friend popping round for lunch and shopping tonight.  Busy day, but I am determined to be very Zen about it all.

We’ll see how long THAT lasts….

3 thoughts on “Back to School printables

  1. Hi Maryanne
    I’ve tried twice to download these printables. No hurry but when you get a sec, would you email me the file, please? Thank you. Sounds like you’re on the mend. Good to hear. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly

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  3. Encore merci pour ces jolis imprimables ! Oui, c’est normal de raisonner ainsi, l’Avant et l’Après.. l’alerte a été chaude,
    on mesure à quel point on a échappé au pire ! bon courage à vous pour la suite, je vous souhaite un “après” très très long, et
    en pleine forme ! et n’oubliez pas de penser à vous en premier.. il faut être un peu égoïste maintenant vous n’avez qu’une vie.. je suis dans mon “après” depuis 1997.. amitiés de France, Nicky

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