Of hearts and heart attacks…


Well.  The last printable I added was hearts and then I had a heart attack.  As Alanis would say Isn’t that ironic?

Funny, really,  but there are some things in life that if they happen, you expect them to be huge.  If not huge, then at least recognizable.  I have been schooled by the movies and TV.  When someone has a heart attack, they clutch their chest, grimace in pan, drop to the floor like a dead weight, or slump back in their chair or on the hospital bed, as the monitor flatlined.  Na.  Not like that at all.

I had the worst pain in my ELBOW over the bank holiday Monday.  It hurt like no hurt I have ever experienced. You know when you bash your thumb with a hammer, or get it slammed in a door?  How the pain throbs with every heartbeat?  It was like the pain of that without the momentary respite on the downbeat.  It just hurt on and on and on.  By 11pm or so, with no medicine touching it, I was pacing the house.  I could not sit still.  I was wracking my brains for what to do.  In the end, luckily, I dialled 111.  As I was trying to describe the pain, again luckily, I commented that I thought maybe it was causing me to panic a bit as my chest felt a tiny bit tight.  A minute later that passed but the NHS lady said they would send along an ambulance to check me out.  Which they did.  The did a ECG in the driveway, thought it looked ok, but decided to take  me in anyway.

I had a blood test right away and ECGs over the night. The Dr. who came in said it all looked ok but they wanted to keep me in and repeat the blood text 12 hours after that tightness.  They did.  The Dr. came back to apologize, saying he hadn’t actually looked at the ECG himself, when he did, he thought there WAS a small indicator of SOMETHING, which was confirmed by the blood test.  Yes, I def. had a heart attack. Oh joy!

I felt FINE.  They gave me some meds to slow my heart rate and thin my blood, eventually did an angiogram (a very weird feeling, as the wire travels thru your artery) and an angioplasty to install a small stent.  Bionic me.   Ha.  The rest looks good, my heart is pumping well, no other arteries are thinned, although one is slightly “furred” (hello diet + statin, goodbye cholesterol!) The stent took the artery with the problem from a B road to a motorway.

TECHNICALLY I am banned from work for 2-3 weeks, from driving for 2 weeks, and then need to do some cardiac rehab.  But is blogging technically working?  There were one or two bits I had to do online, and I felt a short session to explain my absence would be ok.  So long as I don’t allow anything to stress me out. I figure I can do very short sessions, once a day. Knowing there are a couple of people who asked for specific things that I have not yet been able to send IS stressing me out, so I figure it’s better to at least explain.  Then tomorrow I should be able to do those couple of things and eliminate the stress.  Job done.  It’s self-imposed stress so I can remove it – just knowing I have a plan makes it less stressful.

In the meantime, I have a handful of printables that I had been playing with.  Nothing super awesome, but usable with the odd tweak or two.  I’ll pop them up as I can.  triangles

Pretty simple and basic but I think useful. Grab them here and enjoy.


40 thoughts on “Of hearts and heart attacks…

  1. Hi Maryanne,
    Have been in self imposed cyber exile for a while and am just catching up on a stack of old emails. Came across this post. Sorry to hear your news but so glad things are improving. Very, very lucky warning if you want to look on the bright side of life. Take care and be good to yourself. Best wishes from Oz to You 😘

  2. Oh MaryAnne. My system(pc) has been on life support and now my new Dell tells me you have had a heart attack. So thankful you are doing better. My DH had one about this time last year so we know what you went through. Hang in there. We learn how tough we are when we need to be.

  3. sending you best wishes and as others have said already take the advice and look after yourself your printable s are wonderful and i look forward to receiving your latest posts in my inbox but your well being is much more important. take it easy and sending hugs Andrea x

  4. How rude of me – I forgot to say I hope you’re soon 100% again – and take care!


  5. Wow Mary Anne, I just sort of stumbled across this. What a scare and I’m so glad you ended up in good hands. I just went through a heart scare, thankfully it’s fine but one of those things that stops you in your tracks for sure.


    Di xx

  6. Now is the time to follow doctor’s orders. We appreciate all of your sharing and will be looking forward to your complete and quick recovery.

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  8. Sorry to here what you have gone through, but so happy things are on the mend.

  9. Oh my gosh!! That is so scary! I am SO GLAD you are doing ok now!! Don’t worry about us, we’ll still be here for you when you’re ready for us! Sending love & good wishes your way!!!

  10. I am sorry this happened to you…by posting this you have taught all of us something…Thank you and be well~

  11. When I read my weekly summary by e-mail this wasn’t what I expected! Oh scary indeed! On the other hand, glad it’s caught “in time” like this so you can take actions. My mom had heart problems (although she mostly thought it was not being fit), and last august she had a double stent placed behind one that was allready there. And she told us that from now on we should inform doctors that there are blood and vein diseases in the family…. We allready didn’t use much salt, but now I am even more mindfull of it, and also of cholestrol raising products.
    Take care of yourself.

  12. Goodness, how scary. Glad you’re feeling better, take care of yourself x

  13. I applaud you for posting your symptoms. EVERYOE has that impression of a heart attack and for a lot of men it is just like that but for some reason, women are very different. And we women tend to brush off anything that doesn’t stop us in our tracks. We are, most of us, in the mindset of “I just need to do one more thing and then I can rest” which works against our health. Do what you need to do to keep the stress away but I want to assure you that your fans and subscribers will be understanding of the need to care for yourself for a bit. By the way after looking at your blog for such a long time and all the delicious things you create, I took the gelato plunge and obsessed with it. Thank you for opening that door! Take care of yourself and if I may remind you, be mindful of your body’s clues and cues that you might need to rest. Wishing you a long and healthy life…

  14. Without you and your freely given talents the world would be a poorer place, take care of yourself first, there isn’t anyone or anything more important at this time for you, than you. Hugs, Irene

  15. Another OMG! and dont you dare think about anything that stresses you out!! Take the time to rest and do what relaxes and pleases you – The world can wait!! Take care xx

  16. Oh dear! What a dreadful time you’ve had. I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hope that you are on your feet again soon….don’t try to do too much too soon…most things can wait!

  17. OMG GIRL>> Take care of yourself First.!!!!! Thanks for all you do. Feel better Rest. Blessings, Linda

  18. Hope you are fully recovered soon. Take things slowly and be good. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.

  19. I’m so sorry you had that problem but you caught it in time and can learn to live with it. They always say women feel heart attack pain differently and you sure showed that. Take it easy and take care of yourself. You readers will wait for you to get better, so don’t rush yourself.

  20. Take care of yourself, don’t stress about printables!

  21. OMG – so glad you called and got help right away and didn’t ignore. Also glad you had quick service and are home in your own space. I know it will be impossible for you to do ‘nothing’ but try. Maybe a good time to catch up on your reading. Sending a hug for health.

  22. Sorry to hear about your problem! So glad it has turned out well for you. Watch that diet 🙂

  23. So glad it all came out in the end. I worked for cardiologists. They do great work. Kick back,watch some movies and make sox. LOL. Remember computers are stresses. Take good care of yourself.
    😉 from Oregon

  24. Glad, you’re feeling well enough to let us know about your situation. Wish you all the best and don’t fret about us blog readers 😉
    Hugs from Germany,

  25. You take care of yourself, girl … prayers winging your way!!!

  26. OMG. Sure glad you are ok. I noticed you haven’t posted for a while but thought nothing of it. Please take care. I’ve gone through heart surgery for an aneurism & it not pleasant. Take care!!!

  27. Glad your ok. Take care of yourself and don’t stress. Thanks for the info, surely it will help others.

  28. Thank yo so much for describing your symptoms to us in such detail! You may save someones life in the future with this information! So glad you are now “not working” again, LOL, and on the road to recovery.

  29. I’m so glad you are ok. Rest up. X

  30. I am so glad you paid attention. I can never tell if my symptoms mean a heart attack, or that I need a glass of water and some Tums — since dehydration causes many of the heart attack symptoms, as do stomach issues. It is a good reminder to leave the diagnosis to the experts which rarely include oneself. I am glad it had a happy ending. I don’t use your printable, but enjoy following your explorations.

  31. Goodness! So sorry to heAr of your health issues. I am glad you seem to have have positive view going forward. Take your time, try to follow all instructions. I hope this health scare causes you to reexamine and go forwRd in a manner that brings you many happy and healthy years.

  32. Yikes! Slow down. Don’t stress. Follow the doc’s advice. Your readers will understand that your health is more important than printables. I wish you all the best and a prompt, full recovery. Take care.
    much love and good vibes.

  33. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and heaps of get well soon best wishes, thank goodness you called 111 when you did. Try to put your self and your health first, that’s the most important thing you you and your family. The things for other people can be put on the back burner until you are fit and strong again to tackle their requests.
    Lots of love, hugs and warmest best wishes
    Aka luvcreatincards

  34. Yikes, just reading it all put my heart in my throat.

    Thank you for sharing what it was like. I suspect someone will take a tip from your experience and live longer.

    I like todays pretty post. Suitable for framing to cheer me in the Studio as I work.

    Wish I had kept your address as I would post a pretty get well card.

    Be well,

  35. Bloody Hell Mary Anne…… I’m so sorry to hear you’ve gone through all this. But as I found out with my husband, better to have a scare, get it sorted and then manage the condition. The alternative is not funny…… Gordon ended up having a quad bypass and all because he felt a ‘bit odd’ one day. And he’s absolutely fine now. Just do what they say..statins, diet etc etc. Gordon said he felt like this was his second chance. I’m sending you love, hugs and positive vibes. I’ll let Julia know (she’s in Spain at the moment with her ma and pa) she may not pick this up otherwise.

    And don’t even worry about what people have asked you to create….they’ll live without them, the world will still turn 🙂

    Take care, lovely gal.

    LLJ xxxxxx

  36. Thank goodness you dialled 111. Symptoms in women are very different (well, they would be wouldn’t they…life would be too easy otherwise!!).
    Pleased they were able to sort you….now you need to take their advice!
    Kyla x

  37. Prenez bien soin de vous d’abord, cette alarme était chaude.. ménagez vous et ne stressez pas pour autrui, pensez d’abord à votre santé, c’est bien plus important.. je vous envoie tous mes voeux pour un prompt rétablissement ! amitiés de France, Nicky

  38. Omg, omg,omg! I hope you recover quickly. I love your blog and everything you do, even if I don’t actually need what you have created. Slow down though, this was a warning to do just that! With love and best wishes, Debra xxx

  39. take care of yourself, one of my favourite quotes: The healthy man has many wishes, the sick one only ONE!

  40. What a scare! So good that you called 111. Take care of yourself and go slow! We will miss your printables but survive. Your health comes first.

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