Heart in Hand printables


I remember the first time I saw the heart made from two hands, a photo of a mom with her hands over her baby-belly.  I thought it was so sweet, and as it was new to me, unique.  Now,  easily 10 years later, you can’t move for seeing it – everyone from teen pop-stars to eastern European talent show contestants seem to throw it out every 5 seconds. Still, it is a sweet image, and one that I still like.  Maybe you do too.  If so, these are for you. If not, move on – nothing to see here…

I thought you might find a shot of my “working file” of interest.  It is where I have all the various vectors, collected from a variety of files, edited, grouped in bits, with different effects and colours I am testing.



Out of that play, comes the actual file of printables


Here is the version you see here for download.

Note: I always worry I am cutting out a large percentage of the scrapbooking population by not offering things like this in different ethnicities.  So if you are a scrapper who would like a different skin tone,  feel free to comment with the RGB  of what you want.  I’ll have a go at changing the pale flesh-tone ones and add the alternatives for any who would like them.  You can see one flesh-theme here at Kuler – you can go to the main page and enter FLESH in the search bar to see lots more. See the RGB trio under the colour block?  That is the info I need.




5 thoughts on “Heart in Hand printables

  1. These are really cute!

  2. you’re work is amazing!!! sarah

    *Sarah Kressaty* *Life is short, live it righteously, Love a lot and Laugh all day! me **:-D *

  3. Love! Love these “Heart in Hand Printables”. Thank you!

  4. I think the “Heart in Hand Printables” are adorable. Thanks bunches!

  5. CC

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