Testing a compression method – pretty watercolour printables

A few things.  I have used many Freepic files when creating my printables, but I’ve always used them as a free user. Because they have been so useful, and I love so much of what they have,   I decided to buy a premium license.  It means I don’t have to remember to add the text to the PDF crediting them and don’t have to worry about copyright.  Much easier for me, which means I can experiment more, and that means more goodies for you.  Yippee skippy!

The one problem is that some of the files are massive.  Really, really big.  Depending on how I use them, I can sometimes, but not always, get them down to a reasonable size.  So for example, this set – it weighs in at a hefty 4.9 mbs.


I think that is big.  Takes up lots of space on my blog (which is generous, but still limited) so I sometimes make things, work hard to get them smaller without compromising on quality. USUALLY the Quartz filter works but not always.   If I can’t get it under 1 mb, with all the tricks I have learned, I decide if it is good enough that people might want it despite the big size, or shelf them till I have another idea of what might work.

I learned a new trick.  It’s a multi-part process.  I have to create it and save it as a PDF, then run a process on it and save as a zipped file, then de-compress it to get a quite small but good quality image.  At least I hope that is what happened.  It looks good to ME, but do you agree?

Download the PDF and print it and let me know!

note: I seem to be seeing the Dove ad phrase  “be your beautiful self” all over the place now.  I still like it.  Funny how commercial tag lines creep into your subconscious …. or not.  That’s why they pay the big bucks, isnt’ it?  It’d be weirder if it DIDN’T invade your brain.