So this is something that I thought might be useful.  Basically, I had the idea I wanted a planner to fit in my purse.  But I didn’t want to go to all the work of making a whole new one.  All this is,  is a 1/4 page version of the original one.


That is 5 3/4 x 4 1/4 (approx.) which is a shame, as fitting into a 6×4 photo sleeve would be handy.  I would trim a bit of the border (in the centre below) so it is 4 inches wide.  I first tried a split ring as the “binder” but wanted something more “bound” but still changeable.


Too fiddly.


Instead I used something I have seen and always wanted to try, the paper-clip and rubber band binder.  Of course,  I have a million loom bands everywhere, and they are pretty and colourful so I used them instead!


So simple and the pages open flat


And on the back, you just see the bands.  I looped two together so it was long enough.


Is it obvious enough you don’t need a tutorial on it?

My plan is to retain the Covers and YaaG pages month to month,  swap the month one for the new Month as needed,  then swap out the daily pages each week.  Small enough to carry around with me, where the big planner is more for home.  The if I am out, making an appointment, for example, I can see if the day is clear, make a note of it, and add it to my desk planner when I get home.

Here are the files:

Months Only (Covers) – each “page” has 4 quotes, two with the wide border for the holes on the LEFT (front cover) and two with the holes on the RIGHT (back cover)  so there will be some that can only be Front covers and some only Back.  You can trim them close to the coloured area and mount that on another bit of card to change that if you want to use a particular quote for the front and the PDF doesn’t work that way.

Year at a Glance2015  and 2016 .  Both have YEAR at a Glance and MONTH at a Glance on the same side. Print NOTES on the back. (corrected and added the year so they are clearer)

Week at a Glance – Print the same on the back

Use EITHER Daily OR Daily Hour by Hour – print the same, front and back

All backs can be NOTES, if you prefer, so if you wanted to print the Daily pages so you had Notes on the back you could.

Here is a flip-thru.

Here’s an idea! By trimming the pages down to 4 x 6 you can slip them right into your Project Life sleeve.  I like the idea of people seeing what daily life was like in that amount of detail, right there with the photos.