Finished my planner!


Finally.  I had to wait for the right weight printer paper (I like 160 gsm, but might try 120 and 140 at some point to see how I like that) and took time out to buy a car (mine had been in the shop on and off since the end of last year, over 2 months in total) and now have to dash off to collect DS after taking DD skating.  Busy Sunday, but I thought I would add an overview.  Pictures suck, sorry, but I am rushing to get something up before I have to bolt.

The Belongs to page opens it.


Luckily it’s pretty bog-standard so not missing much.

The I move to a Year-at-a-glance spread


The a Month divider page


and then  Month-at-a-Glance and Week-at-a-Glance pages



I always want the WaaG page on the left, just how my brain likes it to be.  Then the Daily pages


Each week ends on a Sunday so the flip over to the WaaG page on the left works out.

The month dividers arent assigned so I can pick the one I want for the month


It’s still overcast and a bit dark here this AM so the colours are not right, but you get the idea, I hope.

I would share it, but I have yet to figure out a simple, straight-forward explanation of the printing.  It will vary from month to month!  A month that has a one day “week” at the beginning or end?  Makes sense to group it with the following (or previous) week cause you really don’t need a WaaG page for one day!  Odd number days may need a “filler” sheet to make the WaaG page fall on the left.  The full, Monday to Sunday weeks are easy to explain.  The other ones?  not so much.

That is a weird contradiction.  I always use a printed calendar in the Sunday to Saturday format.  Planners, desk calendars, etc, I always think of the first day of the week as a Monday.  Monday to Friday is the week, Saturday and Sunday the weekend.  Like I said, just how my mind works…

Anyway, I may still share it if anyone is keen, cause I made it and I might as well.  But I might have a further think on what to add to accommodate those who want a more standard planner, without the At a Glance sheets (or with fewer of them)

Any and all comments on the design would be great to hear.  What am I missing that I need?

7 thoughts on “Finished my planner!

  1. These are so beautiful! I love them. Any possibility of making US letter size.

    • Nope. The one I added should print ok on us letter sized paper. Give a single pages a try and see if it’s workable. The only difference should be a slightly wide border. You can try ticking Scale to fit when printing for another page, compare them, and then decide.


  2. That is soooo cool. Congratulations on all your hard work! And thanks for sharing so much with your readers.

  3. wow that is some serious work there! Very impressed.
    Thanks for the email, I will give that a go 🙂
    Happy belated WOYWW

  4. Wonderful, I love it and all the photos and the story that goes with it. I sure enjoy your posts.

    I would like to see tabs – one for each day. If I am busy, I do not want to rifle through all the pages to get to the day I want. I only use them going forward. They need to be smaller than the monthly tabs. Perhaps most folks would not want this but it saves me a ton of stress.

    Happy thoughts,

  5. Wowser, that is a lot of work! Great job!

  6. WOW MaryAnne I LOVE it! I love the pretty colours and the layout and extra pages.

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