Finished my planner!

Finally.  I had to wait for the right weight printer paper (I like 160 gsm, but might try 120 and 140 at some point to see how I like that) and took time out to buy a car (mine had been in the shop on and off since the end of last year, over 2 months in total) and now have to dash off to collect DS after taking DD skating.  Busy Sunday, but I thought I would add an overview.  Pictures suck, sorry, but I am rushing to get something up before I have to bolt.

The Belongs to page opens it.


Luckily it’s pretty bog-standard so not missing much.

The I move to a Year-at-a-glance spread


The a Month divider page


and then  Month-at-a-Glance and Week-at-a-Glance pages



I always want the WaaG page on the left, just how my brain likes it to be.  Then the Daily pages


Each week ends on a Sunday so the flip over to the WaaG page on the left works out.

The month dividers arent assigned so I can pick the one I want for the month


It’s still overcast and a bit dark here this AM so the colours are not right, but you get the idea, I hope.

I would share it, but I have yet to figure out a simple, straight-forward explanation of the printing.  It will vary from month to month!  A month that has a one day “week” at the beginning or end?  Makes sense to group it with the following (or previous) week cause you really don’t need a WaaG page for one day!  Odd number days may need a “filler” sheet to make the WaaG page fall on the left.  The full, Monday to Sunday weeks are easy to explain.  The other ones?  not so much.

That is a weird contradiction.  I always use a printed calendar in the Sunday to Saturday format.  Planners, desk calendars, etc, I always think of the first day of the week as a Monday.  Monday to Friday is the week, Saturday and Sunday the weekend.  Like I said, just how my mind works…

Anyway, I may still share it if anyone is keen, cause I made it and I might as well.  But I might have a further think on what to add to accommodate those who want a more standard planner, without the At a Glance sheets (or with fewer of them)

Any and all comments on the design would be great to hear.  What am I missing that I need?