WOYWW 324 – long time missing


Happy WOYWW, all!  Wow.  It’s been WEEKS since I was able to join in.  My desk is in a shocking state.  That much hasn’t changed!


That sheet in the front?  Math. Ugh.  I have been trying to work out a printable planner thing and I am trying to figure out some rules.  The thing is, I want to create one that can be printed two-sided without jumping thru hoops (think I got that figured out) but I am also trying to figure out how to print the right number of pages in the easiest way!  I want to have the week begin with a “week at a glance” page, then be followed by seven DAILY sheets, then another WaaG sheet, etc.


That is a single page.  You can see that if you cut it down the middle you get two A5 sheets, with room for punching the holes to the left on one sheet and to the right on the other.  Printing double-sided give you three Daily sheets her printed page and one WaaG sheet.  What I want is the WaaG page always on the LEFT with the first week day on the right.  I calculate 53 Sundays in 2016 so what I think I need is 53 pages like the above (with two side-by-side Daily sheets on the back) then 52 pages with 4 Daily sheets) and I’ll get what I need.  This is the sort of planner I used back before I used iCal and I miss it. I’m not one of those people who use their phone for everything.  I like the comfort of pen&paper so am keen to get this sorted out so I can use it along with the online shared calendar.


Also a few knitted baby beanies, some loom-band stuff for DD, and some 2016 calendar stuff.  first task is to excavate down to some clear space!

So that’s me this week.  Lots of craziness on all fronts at the moment, including some dodgy internet issues (AGAIN – damn you BT! just dig up the line and replace it, what’s £20k as long as I have a good connection LOL!) and probably shopping for a new car (mine’s been in the shop for a month and still no resolution) and DS coming home for a visit.  But I have been missing WOYWW so much I had to make the time to join in, just for me.  Can’t wait to catch up.  I think I may be browsing back a LOT so it’ll take some time….



15 thoughts on “WOYWW 324 – long time missing

  1. What is it with the past couple of months? It has been crazy for me too…I know I shouldn’t complain because I prefer it to boredom but a few hours peace….is it too much to ask? Lol. I have hardly crafted either…..
    Those double sided pages are a triumph…well done you for working it all out! I prefer marking things down in a desk calendar rather than in my phone too…..but lists?? Pah! (much to Julia’s chagrin!)
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  2. I found lots of lovely things; as always, and I’d like to thank you for all of the labels and flags that I snatched up to use (I printed out both the pastel and colorful assortments as I have multiple places to put both versions to use). Best of luck on your car shopping excursion—kind of a scary thought to me as I know what thankless beasts cars have the propensity to be. Again, thank you for sharing all of your lovely work with us, I know for a fact that on a couple of my projects the esthetic appeal was enhanced dramatically (I’d say 90 to 100%) with the incorporation of your printable creations. GSusie

  3. I know how busy you’ve been so you are excused. Hope you get your connection sorted soon. Thanks for the visit to mine and wishing you a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  4. Sorry to hear about your Internet woes, Mary Anne. BT are hopeless. They left my sister phoneless for weeks, living in a remote rural region, the winter before last, and with pretty poor mobile coverage she had to hang out of an upstairs window in the freezing cold to make a phone call! We had endless run ins with them where we used to live, with them charging for work that wasn’t on our side of the fence, and their “waterproof” boxes being full of green water and pond scum lol!! It took me 6 months to get a refund on that bill. Grrrr. Rant over!

    I love your weekly planner sheets. All this year I have been planning to design some sort of desk calendar. It’s now Aug. and illness has intervened and most of the time I couldn’t care less what date it is anyway so what the heck eh? Lol!! Maybe next year my head will come together again and chemo brain will be a thing of the past!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  5. Recently I printed out a planner for my Midori–it was quite confusing at first and I didn’t think it was going to work, but a few pages later I actually figured it out, and now I’ve printed one for my sister too. I love pen and paper and planners and decorating them. So I know you’re having fun with this. The pages look so pretty! Sandy Leigh #40

  6. ooo those planner sheets look great! Have a great week. Soojay 23

  7. Hi Mary Anne, long time no see. I was wondering where you had got to. That planner looks fab, but complicated to work out. The devils always in the details, isn’t it?Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  8. At my age math just makes my head spin! Looks like you have it all under control. I downloaded the cd calendars…thanks so much!
    Glenda #37

  9. If I didn’t know you like I do, I’d be asking the same question as Nikki!! You’ve had a busy summer, and still have a lot in front of you, I think it’s easier for me to just go to work and then I don’t have to be so involved in everything else! I’m a paper and pen type diary gal too, and a list maker. Itni k my reluctance to change has a lot to do with my paper craft love….oh the joy of choosing and using new diaries and notebooks!

  10. Love those great sheets, but all that Math will make my head explode. LOL
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  11. Great work sheets. I made something similar for myself as I needed it specific to mee and my crazy days. I do like your colour scheme and the important events part. I might incorporate that into mine. #19

  12. Glad to see you back, although I missed last Wed. myself. I was a math major as an undergrad, but your math confused me (GRIN). Hope all is well in your world and you figure your math problems out soon. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  13. We’ve missed you here too, Mary Anne – I knew you were still around as I get your posts by email – but Wednesdays are special!! shame you’re still having problems with BT… Helen 3

  14. I hope your Internet gets solved soon and you have lots going on to your planner sounds like a lot of planning just to make it I’m sure it will be worth it in the end hugs Nikki??

  15. Wonderful – beautiful and thank you so much for sharing.

    Who or what is BT? I am guessing they are your ISP? Yikes.

    I cannot wait to try your new calendar system. – Daily planner.

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