All the Camera Hands cards as .PNGs


I re-named them, because they are more useful than just for Selfie photos, I think. I wasn’t sure how was best to add these, so I’ve done them as a Gallery.  You can click on any of them to open it larger then save the .PNG.  They are 300 dpi so should be quite scalable.  Do let me know.  This is a bit of a new thing for me so not sure I’ve gotten it right. They seem to display with a black centre when you click on them, but are transparent when you open them in a program like PSE.


I think they could even make cute card toppers. Sorry for the not-great photo – it’s in fading light and the card shifted as I snapped this one – see how the top edge isn’t level?  Should have done it lying flat, but oh well…. at least it shows the SNAP hanging off the edge.


and standing up as an easel card


A bit of luck, the embossing folder having the same motif as the paper!  But the point is, think outside the box.  I’ll bet you can think of lots of cute uses for bringing photos to cards.

Have fun and if you use them do share!

2 thoughts on “All the Camera Hands cards as .PNGs

  1. Love these “Camera Hands” Wasn’t sure if I needed these at first as I couldn’t immediately envision a use for them, but then out of the blue, as I was trying to create a birthday card for my youngest son, it dawned upon me that he literally almost lives for his iPhone and I remembered your “Camera Hands” These are positively perfect for personalizing his card-Thank you again for sharing your talent with us.

    • Glad you liked them! You raise a good point. I am often really bad about adding a sample of how to use things -I always assume people will think I am stating the obvious. But I really should do more samples so maybe others will have your “light bulb moment” too. 🙂

      cheers – love to see a photo of the card…. hint hint


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