Link added from yesterday and Watercolour flags today!

I’ve restored the link to the Selfie printables.

Always when I am busy with real life, blogging life suffers.  DH would maintain it is senility setting in.  He might be right sometimes but I KNOW I added a link and it disappeared.  The GAP was there, just not the text.  Maybe it was a twitchy finger, who knows?  Anyway, I had this all set up to publish so I’ll let it carry on…

A couple of weeks back I did a set of watercolour cards.  They weren’t popular, but hey ho, not every set can be a winner, right?  Still, I loved the misty watercolour backgrounds, and have used them on a couple of sets you will see soon.  One of the things I played with was another set of the planner/PL/SMASH book flags,  I hesitated to add them as they are big files.  About 5 mb each.  But I had planned to add the Selfie with no text version and didn’t have time to sort them out.  And I am holding out for some feedback from digital folk on the .pngs. So I’m putting them up.

I went ahead and made a blank set too, so there is WITH TEXT here:



and the NO TEXT version here:



I didn’t make the half-sized set but you can sort that in your printer as I have shown many times before.

Hope they prove useful and I KNOW the links are there!