More flags, simpler, basic, but colourful

This is a set I had made back when I made the planner pages.  I forgot to make the PDF from the source file and add them for download, then life got busy, and they kinda slipped my mind.  Same colourway, pretty simple, but I hope useful.  I love the quirky curved shape of the block one, and the rounded flag too.  Most of them work for planners, SMASH books and for Project Life pages.


Grab them here. And in case you fancy them quite small, grab the 1/2 size set here. The full size standard flags (at the top)  are about 1 1/2 inch tall by about 1/2 inch wide and the little ones just over 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch.



This was a quick print, on plain printer paper on the standard setting.  They would look much more vibrant on a high/photo paper setting and on quality (textured) cardstock or linen photo paper.  I’m just sayin’….