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Some flags – planners, SMASH books, or Project Life

I have been playing around with some icon sets from Freepik.  They have LOADS of little icons that are free to use with attribution.  I have learned some new things in Intaglio that makes working with these a lot easier.  It was a big learning curve, given the documentation is pretty slim, but I’ve cut my working time in half, at least, with one simple trick.

But you don’t care about that – just the results!

Here they are:



This is half the sheet.  All of these are included flipped on the other half, so you can choose where to attach them, left or right.  I hate it when they can only go one way!  It’s easy enough to flip them when printing, but that doesn’t work for the text ones.   There are a couple of ones that are NOT included flipped that finish off the row of 12 :


Anyway, hope you find them useful.  I’ll be experimenting more with these, I’m sure cause I’ve used maybe 10% of the sets I have.

Grab the full sheet here.  any requests or suggestions, LMK.