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Summer holidays – loom band hair wraps

We have just seen off our guests and the house seems very empty.  But DD and I did get an evening alone while the others snuck out to a concert.  Perfect opportunity for DD to show me a Rainbow Loom tutorial on YouTube.  Lucky lucky ME! {wink}

This is it.  Part one is the unboxing and review of the kit, one we have not yet seen in a store here in the UK.

I did find it online so maybe it is just not in our local toy store.  Anyway, I think DD was making a case for a shopping trip.  Well, Mom is nothing if not resourceful.  I had a think and assembled a few things.

  1. An old dried up gel pen, disassembled


2. The two-taped forks I used for making loom band bracelets.

3. A 3.5 mm tunisian crochet hook is one option but in fact a bit of wire and duct tape made a better tool.

You will have to watch the video to see how to end the wrap, it was just too tricky to show in stills.  But to BEGIN it is easy peasy.

Insert the pen tube between the forks like so:


You can already see where this is going.  The bands around the middle are just to keep it all steady.  Once the wrap grows the bands on the outside of the tube will hold it even better.

The first band gets wrapped in a figure 8 with an additional twist, around the middle two tines of each fork and the pen tube.  Like so:


Once wrapped around the hair this starting band will stay locked and won’t let the wrap unravel.

I believe this is called the fishtail pattern.  Once the first band is in place you just add two more bands around the tines and encircling the tube, no twist.


from then on it is simply:

  • bring the bottom band over the tines to that side of the pen tube and bring the bottom band on the other side over to THAT side of the pen tube.
  • add another band around the tines, encircling the pen tube.
  • repeat


You can see how the looped off bands lie on either side of the tube.  This is exactly the same as in the video but with the two forks instead of the finger loom and the pen tube rather than the hair guide. You can also see how the wrap grows – just keep sliding it downwards between the forks.

Again, watch the video for how to end it securely.  I basically stopped with two bands, brought the left one over to the right tines and looped the bottom one on that side off, then brought the right side bottom band over to the left tines and looped the bottom one on THAT side off.  Repeat.  But easier to watch it, I’m sure.

When done just slide it from between the forks.


Once the wrap gets applied to the hair, and you smooth it out, it will grow.  The pen tube is under 5 inches.  The wrap I made is just over 3 inches fully collapsed, and when applied it grew to between 6 and 6 1/2 inches.  Depending on your pens you can probably nest them like so, for really long hair:


Just make sure the hair-pull tool fits and the hair is longer than the tube!

One critical thing, if you don’t watch the video, is you really need to add some conditioner to the hair before you slide on the wrap.  This not only makes getting the wrap on easier, it keeps little stray hairs from popping out thru the bands.

To apply it, again, same as in the video. If you have a long Tunisian hook you can try it but it’s tricky to grab the hair.  I just looped a piece of soft flexible craft wire and wrapped the ends with duct tape for a handle.  Not at all pretty but it works great.


DD is not here so I’ll sacrifice this one and apply it to a piece of thick twine so you can see how it works.

Apply the conditioner to the hair – not too thin, but thin enough to fit the tube.. Slip the wire thru the tube and hook the hair


Pull the hair thru the tube.  Slide the wrap off the tube and onto the conditioner-smoothed hair.


Smooth the wrap but don’t stretch it too much or it will cause the hair to kink and not lie straight.


You can wrap an additional band around the hair below the wrap for extra security, but DD was able to wash her hair with the wrap in place, no problem.  And adding a bit of conditioner will make the wrap side off smoothly when the time comes to remove it.  Once you DO remove it, you can loop a band thru the ends and secure it and add that to the hair, just like a tiny ponytail.  That does leave a loop at the bottom but I usually thread on a bead, like the ones that are designed to be attached to the hair rather than wrapping it.


That purple one has beads at various points, which you can’t add to a wrap. DD likes both versions, wraps and just added to a tiny ponytail, free-hanging ones.

So there you go.  A bit of a hack to be sure, but it worked better than I expected.  DD, with her disability, can’t manage the forks but most slightly older kids should be able to.  Maybe it’ll keep them busy for a bit on a rainy day.  And help use up a bajillion loom bands you must have kicking around….