All I seem to manage is printables!

This is a set of pretty Project Life printables. Often, while looking for something specific, I will stumble across some freebie resource on one of my favourite free vector sites.  I always download them and grab the Attribution info then when I have down time (like yesterday when my connection dropped from almost 5 mb down to 100 kbps! and I was stuck on the phone with my ISP or waiting by the phone for them to get back to me) I have a bit of a play.  I was hunting for something floral to use for a set of printables I had in mind but was so taken by how I could easily manipulate the background of one of them to create these lovely shaded blocks, I just had to turn them into something useful.


Have fun with them.  A single sheet to download here.

Still not totally worked out my internet issues but not a bad thing – expecting guests tomorrow for a few days and lots going on.  Being UNABLE to be at my desk is then a GOOD thing….