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Project Life Printables – College/Uni or…

DS went back to Uni – well sort of.  He has been dithering about whether to do the Honours year (from what I understand it is an optional year of his course) or not.  I don’t think he has to absolutely decide for a few weeks, but he was going back anyway as his GF is there and his shared house lease is still in effect.  The point is, it had me thinking about a set of printables for kids going off to Uni, graduating from something, even adults finishing a course of some kind.  I had a few quotes to verify and attribute, and I came up with these:


The little numbers indicate that those two cards “go together” in that order.  So the first card begins the quote and the second card completes it.  And the first card has room to add a photo or an embellishment, if you like.  I printed these on textured photo paper and think they would have been better on flat, but it was all I had on hand!



The photo is a perfect fit at about 2 1/2 square – great for square Instagram shots.

On the last card, the quote is complete on the one card.  Just a quick one, to keep my hand in.  I am throughly sick of HTML at the moment and this was a good task to make me feel less incompetent.

You can grab the sheet here.