Samples of the blank calendar – I love them!

First off, let me apologize to the Spanish speakers.  Thankfully, a commenter, Nancy, noticed that not only did the online calendar I used get AUGUST wrong, it actually had MARCHA instead of MARZO!! I said in that post that getting things right in a language you don’t speak is super stressful.  When I found the first mistake I should have moved on to another calendar.  Thinking it had only one mistake was MY mistake.

Moving on to a look at what you can do with the blank calendars.  You saw my samples of a few ideas, but look at the two sets one of my commenters made.  So CUTE!

The first one is decorated with Washi tape and is super bright and colourful



and the second has adorable stamps on it:


She doesn’t have a blog so was happy for me to share here.

I had to pop back and add a brighter close up of the cat-stamped one.  I realize you really can’t see them in the smaller photo:


If you make a version with any of my calendars, do let me know – I’d love to share it as inspiration for others, either with a photo on my blog or with a link to yours!


The French one – blank to decorate, Monday to Sunday


Time is fleeting so super quick, here is the French version, just the month cards. My German friend Tina is working on her version of a tutorial she saw online.  She promises me she will share it when she is done.  I think ANY of these blank calendars, in any language, would work well, having seen a preview. Likewise, the ideas I showed for decorating in the post here would work too.

Next week is going to be CRAZY.  With luck I can squeak in the pretty CD calendars, in Sweetheart Script, but if not, the week after for sure.


Spanish and German and a preview of the Pretty CD one

The poll isn’t closed yet, but I have a hellish week ahead so I thought I would get a jump on the design.  Let me start there:


That is sort of where I am – Sweetheart Script was the frontrunner by a mile.  I can’t decide on the position of the flourish, or if I need it at all.   I guess I am leaning towards the bottom flourish, so it doesn’t affect the readability of the days. Any thoughts?

Now, as you know I’ve done foreign language calendars for a few years.  I made a German one the other day, because a long time follower asked for the blank, decorate it yourself version in German for a project she has in mind.  She vetted them for me so I feel most confident about them being right. Grab the German calendar here.


She also gave me the words for the journaling blocks.

I also have a French version out to someone who will, I hope, be able to do the same.  I’ll add them when I hear back, and if I don’t, then I’ll omit the journaling cards and post them that way.

I don’t have a connection with a Spanish speaker, so I omitted the journaling cards for these from the beginning.  But I did do both a MONDAY to SUNDAY version, as that is more common for Spanish, as well as a Sunday to Saturday version, as I know many people use a Spanish calendar but follow the arrangement most common in their country  – the USA is usually Sun to Sat and I think someone from Puerto Rico also mentioned they use Sun to Sat as well

I did have a moment when I saw AUGUSTO instead of AGOSTO on one online calendar!  Gave me no end of worry, but while AUGUSTO is a word in Spanish, near as I can find it’s translated as august, as in an august institution .  The month August is Agosto.

And apparently the calendar I saw that had MARCHA instead of Marzo is wrong too.  Sorted it and added the new PDFs.  I did SAY it was stressful …

Honestly – the stress of trying to get all the elements right for a foreign language calendar is huge.  If you see an error, do let me know.  It’s cringe-inducing to make an error, but the sooner I know the sooner I can fix it.


So many things on the go!

I am feeling stressed, but have no one to blame but myself LOL!  I seem to have developed the habit of agreeing to things without thinking of all the OTHER things I’ve already agreed to.   At the moment I have a number of things on the go and am working thru them s l o w l y.  Be patient.  The poll for the CD calendars closes in a couple of days, there is a clear frontrunner, as you can see (Sweetheart Script) and I’ll make those in the next week or two.  There are other things I’ve promised to various commentors that I am working on, and a few of my own projects, as well as a BIG sort out over on UKScrappers that now has a deadline.

Despite a few people saying they key chain calendars are too small to read. I’m going to add the sheet. Grab it here.  Funny, I had created the full sheet but in order to get three full sets of months, the final DECEMBER extended past the 10.5 inch limit I set (so people who use US letter paper and who can’t print “borderless” can still print things in the size I intend and not have anything cut off) and I was getting ready to apologise when I thought Hang on a minute!


Doh!  one month is easy to rotate and fit inside the limits.


Anyway, there it is.  Use it or not, depending on your eyesight.

The key fobs I got were these.  There are cheaper ones, but you have to buy like 50 of them to get the lower price.  I did get another kind, but once you inset your calendar bits inside, you can’t open them, unless you smash them with a hammer.  Not useful.  A little diversion first.  Remember this shot?


How horrible is my cutting mat?


WELL.  Being trapped in town with no car yesterday worked out pretty well for me.  I wandered in to TK MAXX with DD and found an American Crafts cutting mat for the bargain price of £14! OK, so just £4 cheaper than Hobby Craft for the same size, but it’s still a great deal.  Why? well, it’s PINK




Frankly I’m more excited about the double-sided than the PINK, but that’s just me. I like that is has both inches and CMs with both in a useable view at the same time.  I figure I’ll hold on to my super-mucky mat and use that to cover this one when doing gluey, inky, painty play.

Back to the calendars:


Just so you can get a sense of the size.  The final one, outside the key fob, I trimmed a little shorter, so that one is slightly smaller still! Yes, the ones today ARE small. I can read them.  DH cannot. I say print them and see what you think.  If you use them let me know HOW.

Now, off to whittle down that To Do list a bit…and WOYWW visits.


WOYWW 318 – tiny calendars

Hello WOYWWers!

Just carrying on with the small calendars.  I had gotten a box of key ring samples, with clear fobs which you can add an insert to.  I decided to have a play with a small calendar – even smaller than the one from yesterday (about 1 by 2 inches) so that is what is on my desk at the moment


I’ve started stamping using some very small stamps, but that is as far as I’ve gotten


When I am done I think they will all fit inside the snap together fob.  You saw that yesterday, but here it is again:


I’ll probably add the file for download tomorrow. I have to meet up with a friend today, to get a form for my citizenship signed so I can send it off, and still no car, so trapped at the office with DH and DD for the rest of today so I may be late with my visits (HA. Nothing new there) but I will get to them.



Keyring Calendars

Last week, a UKS member, Soojay, asked about very small calendars.  I showed again how you can reduce the size of the PDFs using your printer dialog box, and while that works, after a fashion, I was intrigued by her idea of keyring calendars.  We chatted back and forth about it, and she promised to make one and send me a note when she blogged it.  She was true to her word and I see it is on her blog today.  Cute, so cute, and making good use of my printables.  But NOTHING like I imagined!  We’ll get back to that in a moment.

I am nothing if not impatient.  I hate to wait for ANYTHING.  And yet I make people wait all the time LOL! As soon as the words “keyring calendar” penetrated my brain, I was off.

The problem, as I saw it, was protecting the little slips of paper with the month info.  Had a think.  What made sense?  Sleeves.  Small ones.  What did I have?  These, mean to house negatives:



Given how they are assembled, there are only four usable strips.  Cut to the outside of the sealed areas to get a sleeve that is open top and bottom only


I am keeping the top section of smaller pockets for something else. I’ll say no more…

Now the size of the sleeve is set.  The printables have to match.  It wasn’t difficult to resize them and get two full sets of 12 months on a single sheet. You can download that here.


These are small. They end up just about 1  1/4 inch wide by about 2  1/8 tall.  The inside of the sleeve is about 1  1/2 inches and you can cut to the height you want.  And frankly, I got fed up having to trim all four sides of things so I’ve made them share a cutting edge where possible.  Lazy? Me?

NOTE: There is another sheet to expand this set, with the last 5 months of 2015 and the first 5 months of 2017.  Get that here!

I suspect the printables will fit other sleeves, as I am pretty sure negatives are a standard size.  Not that many people still develop film and get negatives anymore…

Once you cut all the blocks, you can secure them into a block by smearing glue along the top edge, to make a tear-off version.  Punching a hole and adding an brad works too,  a staple or eyelet, less well.


PVA glue is best, but these are what I have.  They both work ok.

While that is drying, cut a bit of backing cardstock.  I stuck a photo to the back so the reverse is decorated too. I added a half-circle of velcro to the bottom edge., and the corresponding bit to the INSIDE of the sleeve.  A thin strip will work too, but again, dots were what I had.  I also cut a bit of cardstock to stick on the outside, over the velcro, punched with a decorative edge punch.  DO NOT STICK THE CALENDAR TO THE BACKING CARDSTOCK.


Why? Well you need to be able to get the calendar block out to tear off the month on top to get to the next month. If you stick it, that is going to be mighty difficult!



The velcro dot is going to hold the month block a little up from the bottom edge, so the cardstock doesn’t obscure the calendar. Flexing the sides will make it easier to slip the calendar out.


I punched a hole and added a larger eyelet to the top for the split ring keyring – it was always the challenge to secure it so you weren’t having to stress the hole by taking it off the ring.


I rounded the top corners with scissors.  Not required, but I like how it looks. And size-wise? Not that much bigger than a standard keyring photo fob.


Right so now you have seen mine.  Well, now look at Sue’s version on her blog here.  You can’t see the cover in this shot, but it’s very pretty.

Two things to note: Her’s is way scrappier and prettier than mine,  and there is none of the faffing about to tear off the months.  You can see all the months, which makes it easier to look ahead if you need to check a date.  Her’s is bigger, but not by a lot.  I think you could easily cut the months from the PDF, stick them back-to-back and slip a pair into a sleeve, punch the hole  in a corner, then add the cover and  thread them all on a split ring or book ring.  Sort of a combination of the two.

But I thought it was interesting.  The words “keychain (or “keyring” as you prefer) calendar” just brought up a totally different image in my mind.  I think mine works, but it is nothing like the original.  I’m sure, in time, I could come up with something pithy to say about what that means, but not today.  I just heard from DH that a deadline has moved a week (or more!) closer than I expected and I have to kick into high gear on something very much NOT crafty.

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Bonus 4th of July printables

I had made these but wasn’t happy with the font I originally chose.  I was tweaking them as late as 5 minutes ago, so if there seem to be minor differences (like the black line around the 4 on the one card) that would be why! I just thought I would add them as I am feeling rather patriotic at the moment.  Just one sheet and you can grab it here.


The two bottom cards work nicely if you want to add a photo – or even a journaling block.  Just cute along the red curve and tuck the photo behind.  Not the best photos, but this one happened to be hanging around on my desk so I used it, just to give you an idea.


On that one, you can probably cut along any of the red lines if you need less tuck-under.

And the other one:


If you add a wider mat you can use the side for journaling or add a tag, or even overlap two smaller photos higgledy piggledy . Just play with them and be sure to let me know if you come up with an interesting use I haven’t thought of!

I have a crazy day today, with workmen etc all over the place, all needing cups of tea, I’m sure, all day long.


2016 Circular CD calendars – have your say

With a bonus at the end.

I’ve had a couple of comments and two emails, asking about the pretty CD calendars I have done for a few years.  Seems people are already wanting them.  So I have been playing with them for a couple of weeks and am very undecided about the options.  I don’t like to do them the same, every year, and this year I have narrowed the field down to four possible options. I figured why not ask and see which one I should do first.  I am not opposed to making more than one, but for now, I’d love your feedback on which one you like best.

Each one is shown smaller here but you can click them to have the image open a bit bigger.







Assuming that the block of dates is going to be a plainer font, or at least very readable, if a little fancy, the real question is the big MONTH and the circle.  I’ve added a strip that shows each month, cause some of them may not look as appealing. May and July, being such short words, work less well in a lot of fonts, to my eye.  Now, I know Mutlu is pretty ornate,  But in the circle, I think the month names look so pretty and lacy, it works.  Hobbes is more handwritten and maybe a bit more casual, but I like it so I’m making it an option.

Just adding, as a bonus, a version of the funky calendar that is small enough to fit on one page.  2016key

Heck it doesn’t even fill a page!  I’ve been playing around with keychain calendars, based on an exchange with a UKS member who makes them and thought since I had resized them I might as well add them. So here they are.  I just need to refine a couple of things then will share how I used them.

I did go to the Newbury Papercraft show yesterday.  It sprang up to fill the void left by Artistamps.  It wasn’t too bad.  Not a ton of stands, but the ones that were there had plenty of stuff to look at.  I got a great deal on some black cardstock from Limetree Crafts and some incredibly tightly nested circle dies by Presscut – 24 dies, from 19.5 cm to .9cm.  I have given up on circle cutters.  None of them work as well as dies and I hate firing up the Cricut to cut a circle, so these suit me down to the ground.  I picked up a couple other things to play with, like Brushos, but not a massive haul to be sure.  If I had a complaint it would be the same one as Artistamps – the stands were packed together so densely it was near impossible to see everything you would want to see.  There has to be a way they can spread out and make the shopping experience a better one, surely.  I’m sure they have to pay my the footage, but they would probably make up the extra because people have the room to actually see what’s on offer.



Project Life printables – and a cool free resource

NOTE:  I have quite exhaustively tried to figure out a way to reduce the file size but there is no method I can find that will work, without reducing the quality.  I have one other idea that MAY work and I’ll give it a go then add a smaller PDF if it does.  And I think this works!  I had to process it a few times but I printed them and I think the quality is fine and THIS PDF is only just over 1.1 mb .  And no need for Dropbox, plus I learned something new … 

I make a lot of printables nowadays.  Many of them spring from seeing a cool image on a free-to-use or free-with attribution site, and a desire to learn something new.

AGES ago I signed up for email blasts from something called The Green Bulb Gang.  I think at the time DD was watching some show on Ceebeebies that had Green Bulb Gang in it, so when I saw the title I assumed it was something to do with that.  It wasn’t.  But I kept getting the very occasional emails and sometimes there was something great in there.  This month there is a pretty doodled feather vector that I just knew would be fab to play with.

I was learning a bit about gradients in my program a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to revisit that.  So I did.  This is what I came up with, in the hour I had before heading off to the stamp show in Newbury, the one that is filling the gap left by Artistamps ending. Not rocket science but I like how they turned out.  Using the gradient to make the dotty line was something I never tried before and I like how it turned out.


And here is a close up that shows all three feather styles


Now that file is just about 4 mb.  The quartz filter reduction doesn’t work to bring the size down with no loss of quality.  But I’ve added a zipped file to Dropbox here that is only 50kb.  If you’d rather a speedy download, feel free to pop there and grab it.

Popping off with high hopes that this small stamp show will grow, in time.  I also hope they will take advantage of the small number of exhibitors and not wedge them all in a small space, but give them the room to spread out.  That was always my biggest complaint about Artistamps.  And as it is going to be a hot one, a little breathing room will make it a lot better, I’m sure!