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More Project Life style Pocket Cards

A bit back I was playing around with some Pocket Cards for Project Life.


You might remember those were designed to be printed on the front and the back, so when folded you got the two-colour effect as above.

But I was thinking it might be more useful to leave them blank.  That way, you are free to add whatever you want to them, to fit your own album and page.

I’ve just covered the back with patterned paper to coordinate.  It only takes a scrap really, so you could easily use bits of papers you have used elsewhere on the page, if they work colourwise.



And obviously you can use cardstock for a different look.


I don’t have a photo to show, but also easy to print on the back with any digital papers, or print the card on the back of commercial one-sided patterned cardstock too.  While I did like the idea of printed on both sides, because it takes the guess-work out of them, and some people like that, I do think this is a lot more flexible.  There are two pages but I’ll add them individually as well so you can print one or both as you prefer. This is what the other set looks like:pockets2This is both sets in one PDF.

This is the Love Notes set

This is the PHOTO Love set

These are for the JULY Project Life Challenge on UKS but I don’t have a place on the server (at the moment) to easily upload images for display. So I am adding them here so I can link to them there, and jumping the gun by a few days, as I am likely to forget, with all I have going on!   Hopefully by next month we’ll have it all sorted out.