If you ask, be specific….


I am usually pretty happy when my commenters ask for things.  I am honest about how much time I have, if I think it is too much work to take on, and try to be realistic about when I can do it.  I’ve (occasionally) said Sorry, no and tried to explain why.  Sometimes what people ask for is simply not something I can do.

For most of my calendar files I have them saved in groups. in order.  So looking at this CD calendar:

2016cdworking backwards, I have:

  • the square locked in place
  • the entire middle grouped
  • the two halves of the scrollwork  and the white circle with the blue border grouped


  • all the month block info grouped
  • the Month name and 2016 grouped 
  • the sideways day abbreviations grouped
  • the columns of days grouped then grouped with that

The italic bit is what allows me to swap out a new dates block for a new year. What that means is I can UNGROUP things in reverse, and I only need to UNGROUP the centre (leaving the colour part and the month info part in the locked frame) and delete the colour part, leaving the month block intact. Align that block in the frame so there is more blank space at the top and Save then Save As >PDF.

Thinking about the groupings in a logical way when I made the calendar allowed me to create this blank to-decorate version in about 15 minutes.  It gave me a post for the day when I would otherwise have been too busy to sort something. So YAY! for that.


But just to go back to the post title for a moment…I went out on a limb with this – my commenter just said she loved the original and would have liked a “blank version to decorate.” Fair enough, I THINK I know what she meant and I THINK what she wanted is this. But I could be wrong!  I don’t think I am, or I wouldn’t have taken the time – well, I did think to myself even if I WAS wrong I was making something that potentially might be useful LOL!

This was one of the easier comments to figure out, assuming I got it right, of course.  Sometimes the comment is so cryptic I have NO IDEA what the person wants.  If there is an email, I contact them directly and ask.  Sometimes I read their reply and think I did NOT see that coming! LOL! So if you want something specific, be really specific when you ask me.  Because my readership is pretty international, time zones come into play.  If you comment from the USA before you go to bed, I may get up, read the comment, have time to do whatever it is you asked for and have it posted on my blog or in the mail to you before you wake up – IF I know what you want SPECIFICALLY.

I should say that this in no way implies a contract between us, that I will do anything asked of me {wink} but I will read the request, consider how long it will take, if I have the time to do it, and if I’ll enjoy it or find it a challenge I want to take on.  And anything I make that isn’t super personal is not going to get saved for you and you alone (so yes, Jenny, that makes you exempt, fair dinkum! )  It’ll get shared with everyone.

Now, I have a million things to do before a big day on Saturday.




3 thoughts on “If you ask, be specific….

  1. Thanks!! this helped a lot for planning for the school year. (project for the kids)

  2. Fair dinkum Mary Anne, I am honoured to be exempt, thanks so very much. Look out for a Sleepover email shortly. Jx

  3. I sometimes think I am being clear, cos in my head I know what I mean, but then someone asks me a question based on what I said and I realise that I might be as clear as mud! But I get you on this.

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