Samples of the blank calendar – I love them!

First off, let me apologize to the Spanish speakers.  Thankfully, a commenter, Nancy, noticed that not only did the online calendar I used get AUGUST wrong, it actually had MARCHA instead of MARZO!! I said in that post that getting things right in a language you don’t speak is super stressful.  When I found the first mistake I should have moved on to another calendar.  Thinking it had only one mistake was MY mistake.

Moving on to a look at what you can do with the blank calendars.  You saw my samples of a few ideas, but look at the two sets one of my commenters made.  So CUTE!

The first one is decorated with Washi tape and is super bright and colourful



and the second has adorable stamps on it:


She doesn’t have a blog so was happy for me to share here.

I had to pop back and add a brighter close up of the cat-stamped one.  I realize you really can’t see them in the smaller photo:


If you make a version with any of my calendars, do let me know – I’d love to share it as inspiration for others, either with a photo on my blog or with a link to yours!